17 Apr 2019

Five years of bluenotes; that’s not all we’ve got…

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Since launching five years ago, bluenotes – and our audience – has changed. We’re still striving to adapt and deliver engaging content.


18 Apr 2019

China-US tensions: the view from Japan

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

Escalating US-China tensions have led to a new type of cold war, according to a leading Japanese academic.

16 Apr 2019

The Asian Century: more than just China

Tony Walker | Author and Political Analyst

Asian economies are continuing to accelerate. So is Australia becoming an accidental geographic beneficiary?

15 Apr 2019

Q&A: the Asian century never ended

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

ANZ’s Farhan Faruqui outlines the bank’s plans in an Asian region still brimming with opportunity for business.

12 Apr 2019

Warming to green mortgages

Antonia Watson | Managing Director Retail & Business Banking NZ, ANZ

Sustainable houses may cost more to build but they have long-term health and economic benefits.

10 Apr 2019

Global economy: should survive the horse trading

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Tariffs and trade tensions are not about to bring down the economy, says ANZ’s chief economist.

11 Apr 2019

The Pacific: an arc of opportunity

Tessa Price | Regional Executive - Pacific Islands, ANZ

Renewed trade flows and digital innovation are opening up the relationship between the Pacific and Australia.

09 Apr 2019

NZ-China macro-economy: value-adding

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

Major structural reforms in China may lead to agri and trade opportunities for New Zealand.

08 Apr 2019

A leaner, sharper & more agile institutional bank

Mark Whelan | Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

ANZ’s Whelan on the rebuilding of ANZ Institutional and the emerging opportunities for a fit-for-purpose business.

05 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: Labor’s alternative

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

Some were disappointed with the 2019-20 Australian Federal Budget, does this simply reflect the focus on tax cuts?

More insights

05 Apr 2019

Australia-Japan: the new wave of Japanese investment

Ian Williams | Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Japan’s direct investment into Australia has increased markedly over the last decade.

04 Apr 2019

Spending: vowels not the only difference between Aussies & Kiwis

Mike Ebstein | Director, MWE Consulting

Consumer confidence in NZ has outshone Australia for over a decade and it shows up in their spending. Will this trend continue?

03 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: full coverage

bluenotes contributors |

bluenotes presents comprehensive coverage of the 2019-20 Australian Federal Budget.

03 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: back to black with an election to come

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

As expected, cuts to personal income taxes and big infrastructure spending dominated the 2019-20 Australian Federal Budget.

03 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: reaching peak budget

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Structural changes occurring in Australia are starting to impact the budget more forcefully, particularly demographic changes.

03 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: small business perks

Isaac Rankin | Managing Director - Commercial, ANZ

Tax write-offs and funding for apprenticeships are some of the promises for SMEs from the 2019-20 Australian Federal Budget.

03 Apr 2019

FEDERAL BUDGET 2019: the graphic truth

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

Tax, outlook, health, infrastructure, the key numbers of Federal Budget in pictures.

02 Apr 2019

Who’s holding the digital purse strings?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Tech companies are developing their own credit cards, payments platforms and wallets to store them in – but what do consumers want?

29 Mar 2019

Cultural challenge: legacy thinking

Mark Evans | Managing Director Transaction Banking, ANZ

Outdated attitudes are as big a challenge to businesses as outdated technology.

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Kids’ code language

Children are conversing in emoji-only languages and it could be making them better communicators.

Standing out from the crowd

What can a hockey team teach us about finding success in group environments? A lot, apparently.

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