FOREWORD – ANZ Roy Morgan Financial Wellbeing Indicator

The ANZ Roy Morgan Financial Wellbeing indicator is a statistically robust snapshot of the personal financial wellbeing of Australians, reported as a 12-month rolling average every quarter.

The indicator is derived from data gathered through the weekly Roy Morgan Single Source survey, which canvasses approximately 50,000 Australians annually. ANZ partnered with Roy Morgan Research to develop the indicator based on previous research conducted by ANZ on personal financial wellbeing in 2017. The result is an ongoing time-series measure of how Australians are faring financially.

The breadth of data gathered through the Roy Morgan Single Source survey enables ANZ to examine Australians’ financial wellbeing at a more granular level than was possible with previously available data. It surveys larger samples of people at more regular and frequent intervals than ANZ’s previous surveys, determining financial wellbeing in greater detail across different local geographies and demographics.

This first report on the indicator sets out the context of ANZ’s previous financial wellbeing research, the methodology for the development of the indicator, and insights arising from the time-series data.

In addition to publishing this measure quarterly, we commit to deepening the understanding of financial wellbeing in Australia by producing an academic survey every three years, informed by the latest international research.

ANZ is also working with organisations that have a shared interest in financial wellbeing to use insights from the indicator to assist policymakers, business and civil organisations to develop appropriate actions to improve the financial wellbeing of individuals and the nation.




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