FOREWORD – Financial wellbeing in Australia & New Zealand

I am pleased to present this report of key findings from our survey of Financial Wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand, conducted in late 2017.

In Australia, this survey is the sixth in a series which has explored financial literacy, attitudes and behaviours since 2002. For the first time we have also conducted this research in New Zealand, building on a significant body of research led by the Commission for Financial Capability since 2006.

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Our survey has evolved to encompass a broader view of financial wellbeing, largely based on important developments by Professor Elaine Kempson and other international and domestic thought leaders. We share their commitment to generating global insights that can be of value in comparing and contrasting the financial wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders with those of other countries across Scandinavia, the UK, Europe and North America.

For ANZ, this focus on financial wellbeing also reflects a strong commitment to fulfil our organisational purpose – to shape a world where people and communities thrive. We have identified financial wellbeing as core to achieving this, and the research is helping us refine our view of what that means for our customers, communities and employees.

Our industry has a role to play in fostering the greatest possible financial wellbeing of everyone in our community. We already reach millions of people with our products and services. We have a unique opportunity to better support people in developing their money skills and confidence, through everyday conversations with our customers. We also have a responsibility to apply our marketing influence in a responsible way, to raise awareness of how to improve their financial wellbeing and build resilience for the future.

I hope the insights from this survey will help individuals and groups from industry, government and the community sector, who strive to understand the challenges and develop effective ways to build financial wellbeing for all.

Thank you to Professor Elaine Kempson for her leadership, to newGovGalaxy for conducting the survey in Australia and New Zealand, and to long-time research contributors Stephen Prendergast (Prescience Research) and David Blackmore for their high quality analysis over many years. We are also indebted to our steering committees in Australia and New Zealand for their invaluable advice and guidance.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge participants across Australia and New Zealand, from Dunedin to Perth, of all socio-economic backgrounds and all ages, who have given their time to this survey and so graciously shared details of their financial circumstances, habits and attitudes.

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Shayne Elliott

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ANZ Financial Wellbeing Summary Report - Australia

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ANZ Financial Wellbeing Summary Report - New Zealand

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ANZ welcomes your comments and enquiries about this survey. Please contact:
Michelle Commandeur
ANZ Head of Financial Inclusion