FOREWORD – Financial wellbeing in New Zealand

Kia ora,

Financial wellbeing has a major influence over the lives of every New Zealander. The ability to manage unexpected expenses, achieve our goals and have the freedom to make the choices we want, all depend on our level of financial wellbeing. 

Every New Zealander benefits in an environment that fosters and supports people’s financial wellbeing – whether they are individuals, families, businesses or the society of which they are part. Understanding financial wellbeing is crucial to helping people achieve it.

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I’m thrilled to share the findings of our Adult Financial Wellbeing Survey in New Zealand, focusing on indicators of financial wellbeing as described in Professor Elaine Kempson’s internationally-recognised model. This is the first time ANZ has conducted equivalent surveys simultaneously in both New Zealand and Australia, enabling us to measure how we are travelling in comparison with our friends in Australia, and with an increasing number of countries around the world.

I’d like to acknowledge the Commission for Financial Capability, whose long-time leadership in understanding the financial knowledge and behaviour of Kiwis has translated into real action. We’re proud to have played a small role in this to date – in 2006, 2009 and 2013, ANZ provided support to the Commission for its series of surveys, which evolved from an initial focus on financial knowledge to a broader look at financial behaviours. We’re delighted to contribute this new financial wellbeing research to further support the Commission in its work.

We are also pleased to acknowledge the local experts who worked alongside our own research team to develop this new survey. In particular our steering committee members Dr Simon Peel (Commission for Financial Capability), Dr Pushpa Wood (Massey University) and Clementine Ludlow (Good Shepherd NZ) who have contributed their insights and expertise.

At ANZ, we are committed to helping people to make the most of their money throughout their lives. I’m particularly proud of MoneyMinded, our money management education programme that helps people in vulnerable circumstances, and the community seminars we host on a range of topics such as first home buying, retirement saving and financial fitness.

The findings from the survey can help us to identify what’s most important for our customers, employees and communities and what role we can play to improve financial wellbeing. I hope it provides you with insights and understanding that can be used in your own endeavours.

Antonia Watson

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ANZ Financial Wellbeing Summary Report - New Zealand

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ANZ Financial Wellbeing Summary Report - Australia

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To learn more about the reports, view here.

ANZ welcomes your comments and enquiries about this survey. Please contact:
Michelle Commandeur
ANZ Head of Financial Inclusion