Innovation can come from anywhere

Innovation can come from anywhere in large organisations and it doesn't always have to be the top, according to former Proctor & Gamble chief information officer Filippo Passerini.

" Innovation comes from the people who do the work every day."
Phoebe O'Sullivan, Contributing author for BlueNotes

Innovation can come from anywhere

Passerini, who spent 33 years at P&G, told BlueNotes on video that recognising and appreciating this key insight is very important in creating a culture of innovation.

“One point I've found very critical is to get this kind of innovation to come from any place in the organisation, not just from people whole are officially in charge," he said. “Try to get ideas from throughout the organisation at all levels. This is what really makes organisations better."

Passerini says the best innovation can often come from staff in touch with consumers and not those sometimes removed from the situation in the C-suite.

“If we think about it, innovation comes from the people who do the work every day," he said. “I believe in any business, including banks, there are a lot of opportunities to simplify, streamline and accelerate."

Passerini said making the transition to digital requires support from right at the top of businesses.

“It's about getting the organisation to embrace an opportunity to interface with the customer and clients better," he said.

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Phoebe O'Sullivan is a contributing author for BlueNotes

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