A festive farewell to 2016 from BlueNotes

This time three years ago, BlueNotes was a series of meetings in an Outlook calendar, a PowerPoint deck and an actions planner. Hardly compelling content.

As we approach our holiday break (yes, this is a sly way of warning there will be no BlueNotes newsletter next week) we want to thank you, our readers, watchers, listeners, commenters, critics, contributors and colleagues for a very successful 2016.

"Our content has continued to expand in range and tone… in response to our readers."
The BlueNotes team

BlueNotes, as a forum for insights, analysis, debate, has evolved as we have strived to be a part of broader conversations about business in society, in a form people want.

We had nearly 800,000 UVs (unique viewers) in 2016 and now have more than 8000 Twitter followers (@ANZ_BlueNotes). A spanking new LinkedIn page, a subscription list approaching 7000 people and – although we are completely public site – we’re delighted that more ANZ staff share BlueNotes stories than any other bank content.

Our content has continued to expand in range and tone, again in response to our readers, and some of our most popular has been our coverage of the Australian budget, our long analysis of the blockchain phenomenon, Maile Carnegie discussing the digital challenge for banks and even a visual humour module with award-winning cartoonist Rod Clement.

Along with Rod, the BlueNotes team has welcomed a posse of award-winning journalists including Tony Walker, Fiona Smith, Greg Earl and Leon Gettler joining such luminaries as Leo D’Angelo Fisher, Catherine Fox, Helen Clark and Mark Skulley

We’ve enhanced our website but on that front we want to entice you back in 2017 with a promise of ongoing redesign, more enhanced functionality, including improved mobile optimisation, even more compelling content and a commitment to continue to deliver the kind of information, analysis, commentary and insight you, our readers are after – but please continue to tell us, early and often, about what more we could do.

We promise no PowerPoint decks – and indeed one of our most read stories of the year was The Unspeakable Horror of PPT.

To everyone, our readers, our contributors, our colleagues, have a happy festive break and a rewarding new year – and please continue to share BlueNotes wherever and with whomsoever you like.

Andrew, Paul, Shane, Stella, Franky, Darren and Jemma

The views and opinions expressed in this communication are those of the author and may not necessarily state or reflect those of ANZ.

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