The crucial role of financial security in combating domestic violence

Financial institutions have a crucial role to play in combating domestic violence by helping ensure victims have the financial security they need to escape their predicament.

According to family violence campaigner Rosie Batty it is important to understand financial abuse “wouldn’t ever happen in isolation”. Such abuse is a significant barrier to leaving the relationship that is violent, she told BlueNotes on video.

" The ability to look at your finances… in a more proactive and powered way is really important."
Rosie Batty, Family violence campaigner

“The ability to look at your finances and plan or develop a strategy to manage your financial position in a more proactive and powered way is really important,” she said.

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“Understanding that hardship can affect people very quickly no matter what area of society they come from… and recognising that there are different solutions at different times [is very important].”

According to Batty, from the perspective of a major institution like a bank, trying to understand the best way to deal empathetically with those affected by family violence is vital.

“When somebody is very overwhelmed, shamed or highly stressed [understanding how] to get them through that crisis [is also critical],” she said.

“Corporations are very influential. They are very powerful. They hold government to account.”

“They have enormous influence not just within their own staff but with their clients, customers, business associates [and] suppliers.

“Truly, if a very influential organisation wants to drive change, it has an enormous power and ability to do so.”

Watch the video above to find out more.

Ha Bui is a contributing editor at BlueNotes

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