VIDEO: Japan’s maturing premium market

Japan’s ageing population presents gilt-edged opportunities for Australia’s agricultural sector, ANZ Japan CEO Grant Knuckey says.

Speaking to bluenotes during a recent ANZ agri delegation to Asia, Knuckey said the market’s desire for higher-margin, premium products was a boon for Australian exporters.  

“As the population ages in Japan… it makes what’s already a premium market [for Australia] an even more premium one,” he said. 

"What many may see as a market in decline is not in fact the case.”  - Grant Knuckey

“The silver sector, as they are called here, desire premium product and they’re willing to pay for it.”

Japan’s maturing premium market

“The premium market for produce in Japan is amongst the biggest in the world and still far bigger than any other market in Asia.”

Knuckey said the opportunity extends beyond standard agriculture and into health-related sectors.  

“It may be ingredients into pharmaceutical products,” he said. “Or it may be more healthy options in organic food.”

“What many may see as a market in decline is not in fact the case.”

He also touched on the longer-term opportunity for in-market partnering in Japan. Watch the video above to find out more.

Simone Stella is a bluenotes contributor

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