Mobile history: drive-up banking & more

ANZ has always aimed to provide convenient and secure banking to customers but its methods have certainly changed a lot since the business began over 180 years ago.

Below bluenotes looks at the changing role of people in delivering banking services - from behind the desk, to behind the window, to the earliest forms of mobile (hint, it involves ships and tents).

Drive-through banking: the forefront of innovation

Not the mobile banking we know today, drive-through banking nevertheless offered a convenience not previously encountered in the banking industry.

ANZ predecessor ES&A introduced Australia’s first ever drive through bank in Camberwell, Melbourne in 1954. 

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Drive through bank in Camberwell, Melbourne, 1954.

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Drive through bank in South Brisbane, 1957.

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The opening of the drive through bank in Burwood, NSW in 1957.

Shipboard agency: banking in transit

In the 1950s and 60s to support new arrivals to Australia ANZ allowed migrants to open ANZ savings accounts through a banking facility known as a 'shipboard agency'.

These agencies were operated onboard ships transporting new arrivals to Australia in the early 1960s and offered ANZ Money tins to migrants.

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Frontline on the goldfields: teller in a tent

Life on the frontline has changed for ANZ employees.

Some of the bank's earliest employees worked from tents on the Victorian goldfields - which wasn’t without its risks as this reward notice shows.

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