VIDEO: the agtech revolution starts with people

Australian agriculture’s tech revolution starts with getting people with an acute understanding of technology involved in the sector, ANZ’s Head of Agribusiness, Australia Mark Bennett says - something younger generations have in spades. 

“We’ve really got to get ourselves involved with a broader community of smart, young, diverse thinkers that can actually bring more of a tech focus into agriculture in Australia and not just in farming, right through the supply chain,” he told bluenotes on video.

“I think the data, the science, the technology itself has a really broad appeal that can give our industry a real lift.” 

“We’ve really got to get ourselves involved with a broader community of smart, young, diverse thinkers." Mark Bennett, Head of Agribusiness, ANZ Australia.

The agtech revolution starts with people


Speaking during an ANZ customer delegation to Japan and China, Bennett said the next wave of farmers with a deeper technological background represented a generational opportunity for the sector.

“Where is the next generation of farmers coming from?” he said.  “Is it from within [the sector]? Is it from outside?”

Bennett said the hard work and adaptiveness of Australian farming had got the sector to its current heights and tech would help take it to the next level.

“We’re no longer the world’s leading low-cost producer in a number of commodities anymore,” he said. 

“How do we make better-informed decision around markets, products, linkages in the supply chain in order to make better business decisions on our farms that are going to make us more profitable?”

Bennett also addressed the importance of investment in tech and the role of financial services. Watch the video above to find out more. 

Simone Stella is a bluenotes contributor

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