Want change to succeed? Learn what to forget

The secret to staying relevant within businesses experiencing rapid transformation is knowing what to forget, according to Dom Price, head of R&D at business software success story Atlassian.

" How can you use the freedom you get from stopping [something] to try something new?" - Dom Price, head of R&D at Atlassian

Speaking to bluenotes on video, Price said whenever you’re looking to learn something it’s important to step back look at what you can “unlearn”.

“What’s the thing you used to work for you that you can stop doing?” he says. “How can you use the freedom you get from stopping that to try something new?”

He said constantly attempting to require new knowledge can drain precious time and mental capacity needed to succeed

Want change to succeed? Learn what to forget

Price said it was important when working through change to remain yourself and be authentic. 

“If you try and maintain a work version of [yourself], a home version of [yourself], it’s going to be exhausting,” he said.

“What’s really valuable is [asking] how can you take that authentic style and bring to work every single day.” 

He also touched on the difficulties of leading through rapid change. Watch the video above to find out more.

Alicia Aitken and Greg Szopa are bluenotes contributors

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