Attracting cyber talent crucial: Connick

The global cybersecurity skills shortage raises the risk of significant cyberattacks on businesses until the issue is addressed, according to ANZ Chief Information Security Officer Lynwen Connick.

Speaking to bluenotes on video and in podcast, Connick said the sector was expanding so rapidly recruitment was not keeping up – and incorrect perceptions of work the industry were not helping.

“The risks [if the gap isn’t filled] are we could suffer a significant cyberattack and we don’t want that,” she said. 

Attracting cyber talent crucial: Connick

An April 2017 report from the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network suggested the domestic cybersec sector needed a minimum of 11,000 additional sets of hands over the next decade to provide the protection the country needs.

In September, ACSGN CEO Craig Davies told the ABC demand in the sector had well outstripped Australia’s ability to produce skilled candidates. Connick agrees. 

“It is a worldwide shortage in cybersecurity skills,” she said. “This business has just been expanding exponentially. The threats we see online are increasing and the need to do things securely online is increasing.”

“What we’re finding is people probably stumble into the career rather than having a targeted view that this is the career for them. That is one of the issues.”

Connick also touched on October’s Stay Smart Online Week and the security benefits of partnerships between, governments and education providers. Watch the video and listen to the podcast above to find out more. 

To read more about employment opportunities in cybersecurity click HERE.

Erica Hardinge is Head of Security Enablement, Group Technology at ANZ

The views and opinions expressed in this communication are those of the author and may not necessarily state or reflect those of ANZ.

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