Get back to basics on brand: Howcroft

Businesses need to embrace digital but shouldn’t neglect traditional forms of advertising, marketing guru and PwC chief creative officer Russel Howcroft maintains, in a call for businesses to get back to the basics on brand value. 

Speaking to bluenotes on video and podcast, Howcroft says modern marketing budgets should consider a diversity of options which include – but aren’t dominated by - digital.

" We need to have another look at our marketing spend and go back to some really basic stuff." - Russel Howcroft, CCO PwC

“We need to get back to investing in the brand and we need get back to doing what we’ve always known is the right thing to do,” he said. 

Howcroft said it was vital all businesses digitised – “in every single possible way” – but “that doesn’t mean all marketing spend needs to be digital”.

“Every business needs to use the opportunity to get all the incredible efficiencies and capabilities of the digital world in how they function as a business.

“What we [also] need to do is have another look at our marketing spend and go back to some really basic stuff - reach analysis, audience analysis, spend mix, how much money is too much money in any given medium.”

“I think all that stuff has been lost in the post-great recession world.”

Howcroft said there was further analysis required around the weight of marketing resource put into social media and its returns.

“We have piled in to social media as this ‘cure all’… let’s just stop and have a really good analysis for all these things,” he said.  

Watch the video and listen to the podcast above to find out more.

Leane Mason is Senior Relationship Manager – Specialty Retail at ANZ

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