blueprints: paying for Christmas

There was a time where the only thing a child wanted for Christmas was a new bike, a hula hoop or a yo-yo. Now the kids are demanding iPads, drones and artificially-intelligent teddy bears. 

It’s no surprise then three-quarters of Australian shoppers are burning through their savings at Christmas time.

Research indicates Santa’s largesse is barely putting a dent in the costs of Christmas: one in five Australians are unable to stick to their budget. More than one third of shoppers are putting that extra spending on their credit cards.

" Research indicates Santa is barely putting a dent in the costs of Christmas."

But it’s not just the shoppers who are moving away from physical sales - retailers are changing their ways as customers head online searching for better bargains and sales.

These trends, on the consumer and merchant side, are actually shifting the festive shopping season – along with other fundamental elements of competition.

Navigate the interactive infographic below to discover when most retailers are starting their sales. Here’s a hint: the majority are not waiting for Boxing Day.

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