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Business partnerships that cross industries prove a valuable asset for all companies involved, according to professionals from ANZ and RMIT, allowing for increased creativity and recruitment opportunities.

Speaking to bluenotes on podcast, ANZ communications manager Alethea Reid and RMIT work integrated learning manager Laetitia Shand said both their organisations benefitted immeasurably from a deal between the two groups which saw students create innovative communications content and bank staff learn new skills.

"The real world isn't just packaged up in a nice assignment brief” - Laetitia Shand

“These sorts of projects are a chance for a partner to open up to some new ideas that they may not have had,” Shand said. “They may not have been able to necessarily invest in these ideas but would like to play with them.”

In 2017, ANZ partnered with RMIT School of Communications and gave students an insight into the working world.

“[Businesses] get the chance to identify talent and see the skills of the students [which] is a real benefit to anyone who is hiring,” said Shand. She said giving students the opportunity to present to corporations, to communicate with a client and produce real work gives businesses a feel for what the next generation can offer.

“I have to say, there's more than one place where you find value in a partnership like this,” said Reid. “As a hiring manager, I loved having a bird's eye view of the next generation of professionals. It gave us an insight into the types of talent that were coming through.”

Shand said “I think one of the reasons why these projects are great is because it can be messy - the real world isn't just packaged up in a nice assignment brief.”

RMIT students were given real creative briefs that addressed some of what ANZ does, who we are and the services we provide. Check out some of the work below and see how the next generation of creative talent is thinking outside the square.

ANZ-RMIT content: First Home Coach (advertising)

Ready when you are: By Claudia Scarica, Isla Northey & Alex Seymour (RMIT Bachelor of Advertising)                    

ANZ-RMIT content: Get A Grant (advertising)

Giving communities a Grant:  By Oliver Corcoran, Thomas Edney, Gabriel Phillips & Isaac Montebello (RMIT Bachelor of Advertising)

Jemma Wight is bluenotes production editor.

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