Don’t leave voice of the customer to chance

If you want your organisation to succeed in disruptive times, listen to your customer and genuinely deliver on the value you promised, according to Mark Langley, President and CEO of Project Management Institute. 

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Speaking to bluenotes on video, Langley said there are three key factors in a high-performing organisation:

  • continuously engaged leadership
  • organisational agility
  • ongoing training to ensure people have the right skills and behaviours in the workplace of the future.

"The more we can focus on what the customer needs… the more successful you’ll be.” - Langley

“The more we can focus on what the customer needs… the more successful you’ll be,” Langley said.

“The number-one success factor in projects and programs is an engaged executive sponsor. It’s really about understanding the value, communicating the value of the project and program throughout the lifecycle and breaking down barriers and silos which ultimately could impede progress, then supporting it all the way through the launch into operations or to the customer”.

Langley warned organisations not to leave the role of executive sponsorship (skills and behaviours) to chance.

“You may be tapped on the shoulder become a major sponsor of a program but have no real idea what that role is,” he said. “There are specific skills and behaviours that you need.”

“The chief among them is you have to have the ability to micro-manage but not the tendency to micro-manage and that’s where we see success in organisations.”

Watch the video above to find out more. 

Alicia Aitken and Greg Szopa are bluenotes contributors

The Project Management Institute (PMI), is a global organisation that helps educate nearly a million professionals in project management skills around the world.  

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