BUDGET 2018, in pictures

Stronger-than-expected tax revenue has helped the Australian government forecast an earlier-than-expected return to surplus in the 2018 federal budget - and signal tax cuts form low- to middle-income earners. There’s also big news on infrastructure, small business and super.  

The government expects the underlying cash balance be a deficit of $A14.5 billion (-0.8 per cent of gross domestic product) in 2018-19, improving to a slim surplus of $A2.2 billion (0.1 per cent of GDP) in 2019-20.

"There’s big news on infrastructure, small business and super.” 

A surplus projection of $A11 billion (0.5 per cent of GDP) is in place for 2020-21 and $A16.6 billion (0.8 per cent of GDP) for 2022-12.  

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Jo Masters is a Senior Economist at ANZ

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