BUDGET 2018, in tweets

The Australia government has released its budget for the 2018-19 financial year to – as usual - acclaim, discord and everything in between.  

The budget reports Australia will record a deficit of $A18.2 billion this year, before returning to surplus earlier-than-expected in 2019-20.

Below are what some of Australia’s most-respected experts are saying about #Budget2018 on Twitter.

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Pic: Australian Parliament House, Canberra

As expected, tax reform proved to be a key plank of the budget, with tweaks to tax brackets. 

Small businesses will again benefit from changes which will see the popular instant-asset write off extended.  

Young Australians will be pleased to learn they will likely benefit the most from changes to superannuation – if they notice.  

And finally, expected infrastructure spend has been finalised in good news for both metropolitan and regional areas.

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