Future bright for top-end agri

If you listen to local farmers and agricultural industry types, a strong sense of community aligned with access is to land and water resources means Northern-Australian agriculture’s future looks bright. 

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Bob Richards is one such farmer: his Humpty Doo Barramundi is growing at around 30 per cent per year and last financial year sold $A22 million worth of fish.

"We have international investors looking from China, Indonesia, Japan.” – Owens   

"Affordability of land (and) access to resources is certainly a feature here and that’s why we were able to do this, because we had access to affordable land and water,” Richards tells bluenotes on video. 

Investor interest in the north is also growing, according to Northern Territory Farmers Association CEO Greg Owens.

"We have interest from locals, there are a lot of locals that would like to invest, we have southern farmers that are looking at their issues around the Murray Darling and the water capacity down there,” he says.

"We have international investors looking from China, Indonesia, Japan. We could grow products that they’re very comfortable with.”

“Indonesia and the Northern part of Australia are very similar in terms of climatic zones, so there’s a real range of possible investments. What we need is to give them the confidence to go ahead and invest in the Territory.”  

Arnhem Mangoes owner Barry Albrecht says those looking to invest in Northern Australia have the chance to do well provided they are willing to put in the effort.

"It’s the last frontier, it’s a great place to have a go,” he says. "If you’re willing to have a go you’ll make it and you’ll find the people here will get behind you, it’s as simple as that.”

“There’s plenty of money to be made if you’re willing to have a go.” 

Simone Stella is a bluenotes contributor 

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