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ANZ has been established in Japan for 50 years, opening an office in Tokyo on December 3, 1969. A full banking authority was approved in 1985, an Osaka branch in 1990 and a licence to deal in securities in 2018.

ANZ Japan has been instrumental in supporting the development of Australia-Japan trade and investment throughout that period, a time in which Japan became Australia’s most significant trade partner. The bank offers a full range of services to corporate and institutional clients together with retail and wealth products for individual investors.




ANZ celebrates 50 years in Japan


ANZ acquired a securities license from FSA.


ANZ merged the sub-branch in Nagoya into the Tokyo branch


ANZ became the first Australian bank to open
a wealth management presence  in Nagoya (sub-branch)


ANZ became the first Australian bank to open
a branch in Osaka for wealth management business


ANZ received full banking licence


ANZ opened a representative office in Tokyo



Major industries in Japan:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Financial Services

Population: 126 million
GDP: 4.87 trillion USD
GDP growth rate: 1.7%
GDP per capita: 38.428.01 USD
Source: World Bank 2017



06 Aug 2019

祝50周年 – 50 years in Japan

Mitchell Mason, Chika Narukawa & Andrew Cornell | Country Head & Head of Business Management, ANZ Japan and Managing Editor, bluenotes

Half a century later, we look back at the opening of ANZ’s first office in Japan.

16 Dec 2019

ANZ Japan: this is who we are

Chika Narukawa & Francesca Rizzo | Head of Business Management, Japan & Public Relations Manager, ANZ

Meet some of ANZ Tokyo’s staff and hear about what matters most to them and their customers.

29 Nov 2019

Koala House: rebuilding after devastation

Chika Narukawa & Andrew Cornell | Head of Business Management for Japan and Managing Editor of bluenotes, ANZ

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan left the coastal town of Minamisanriku in ruins. However, with help, they are rebuilding.

20 Jan 2020

Renewable transition: easier said…

Tsen Wong | Head of Energy Transition, Resource Energy and Infrastructure, ANZ Institutional

As the climate changes, the shift to renewable energy sources becomes more critical – but no simpler. Japan has a role.

03 Dec 2019

Kyuuka wo tanoshinde ne!

Hayden Dimes & David Plank | Economist & Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

Japanese tourists are finally heading abroad in growing numbers after almost two decades of flat growth.

08 Nov 2019

Japan: world leaders in robots and growing old

Tom Kenny | Senior International Economist, ANZ

Japan’s demographic challenges are impacting growth. Can automation and AI help drive improved long-term productivity?

12 Sep 2019

The future of Japanese tōshi in Australia

David Jacobs | CEO, Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee

Mature Japanese investors are looking Down Under for opportunities to grow their sales network and gain know-how.

25 Jun 2019

Japan: saying yōkoso to the world

David Lawson | Consul-General & Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Consulate-General Osaka

Upcoming summits and expos will showcase Japan’s transformation and opportunities for business.

09 May 2019

Japan: entering the Reiwa era

Elizabeth Masamune | Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

Celebrations in Japan have erupted at the beginning of a new era, so will Reiwa really bring beautiful harmony?

18 Apr 2019

China-US tensions: the view from Japan

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

Escalating US-China tensions have led to a new type of cold war, according to a leading Japanese academic.

05 Apr 2019

Australia-Japan: the new wave of Japanese investment

Ian Williams | Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Japan’s direct investment into Australia has increased markedly over the last decade.

08 Mar 2019

IWD2019: the women behind Japan’s real “womenomics”

Melanie Brock | Consultant

Stereotypes of Japanese women are outdated and unhelpful; one project is helping celebrate their achievements.