After the challenges of 2020, we were all hoping for a smoother 2021 but the complexity of a global pandemic put paid to that.

Yet for ANZ, indeed for the Australian banking system, this was a relatively smoother year: thanks to measures from the banking, private and public sectors, the major economies in which we operate were robust.

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Pic: ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott (left) and Chairman Paul O'Sullivan at the virtual AGM hosted at the bank's headquarters in Melbourne

An economic crisis was averted and at ANZ we were able to unwind some of the emergency provisions the accounting rules required us to take. Our profits were solid and, as you can read in this newsletter, the bank is in very strong shape with an agenda for growth underway.

Importantly, we have been able to return our dividend to more normal settings. Indeed, we announced the second largest dividend per share of the Big 4 banks and our one year Total Shareholder Return was best of the Big 4 at 70.7 per cent.

If the last two years have taught us anything it is that certainty is something of a mirage but I can assure you our board and executive are focused on positioning ANZ so it remains in a strong position to help our customers, our staff and of course you, our shareholders to thrive.

As you can read in the story of our ANZx transformation, we are continuing the work of simplifying the bank but critically building the flexibility and customer service that will be essential in the future.

You can find below all the key presentations from the 2021 annual general meeting, a fascinating interview with chairman Paul O'Sullivan, insight into our executive team and stories about some of our inspirational customers.

Given the extent of the disruption in 2020 and 2021 its likely volatility will continue however we are well placed to deal with that.

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Jill Campbell is Group General Manager Investor Relations at ANZ

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O’Sullivan: a solid year and grounds for optimism ahead 

ANZ Chairman Paul O’Sullivan expands on the bank’s year and outlines expectations and opportunities for the year ahead. And what that means for shareholders.

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Elliott: onto the next phase of building a bank for the future

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott says the bank’s solid performance and strong balance sheet allow it to pursue a new growth agenda while rolling out the next phase of digital transformation.

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The Bank We’re Building

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott outlines key focus areas for the bank’s future growth and opportunities through The Bank We’re Building.

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2022: the Chairman’s perspective

COVID-19 remains but the outlook is still much clearer this year than last. ANZ Chairman Paul O’Sullivan talks the through the nuances and the opportunities of the year ahead.

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Highlighting ANZ’s full-year result

ANZ reported its full-year financial results for 2021. Find everything you need to know about how the bank performed in one place.

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Supporting customers in the net zero transition

ANZ’s environmental sustainability strategy identifies priority sectors, technologies and financing opportunities to help achieve our ambition to be the leading Australia and New Zealand-based bank in supporting customers’ transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

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Spending time learning from our customers

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott reflects on his mid-year trip to visit customers in northwest Victoria and what he looks for in a great business. 

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A different bank

ANZ’s multi-year technology transformation will further simplify the bank while paving the way for new, financial wellbeing-focused customer experiences.

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ANZ leaders on holiday: read, watch, listen 

The festive break is right around the corner, so we’ve collected recommendations from our executives and board for which good book, podcast or show to relax with.

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Leading the Kiwi way

ANZ New Zealand CEO Antonia Watson says strong leaders – and leading organisations - take the time to understand common interests and guide people to the right decisions.

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History and heritage

The 70-year anniversary of the merger of the Bank of Australasia and the Union Bank of Australia is a timely reminder of the evolving nature and lasting heritage of the bank.

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Financial wellbeing: doing okay 

There has been an evolution in the understanding of financial wellbeing in two decades of research by ANZ. The latest survey shows how deeply socio-economic factors play a role in outcomes.