Former Global Head of Resources, Energy and Infrastructure, ANZ

Renewable transition: easier said…

As the climate changes, the shift to renewable energy sources becomes more critical – but no simpler. Japan has a role.

The case for climate and electricity policy integration

South Australia’s energy market has been the subject of much debate lately. But why? There is little doubt the state is in the vanguard of incorporating large volumes of renewable energy into its supply. The state’s current peak electricity demand is around 3,000 megawatts (MW).

Lots of steam still left in coal exports but renewable building a head

Does renewable energy spell the end of coal as an energy source? And, if so, when? The demise of thermal coal in the energy mix seems an inevitable outcome of policy designed to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change – the election of a pro-coal, climate-change-skeptical American president aside.

How to harness the energy transition

The challenges of energy supply are significant; the costs of getting it wrong even more so.

Green lights for green financing

The need for green infrastructure is growing in Australia and New Zealand.

PNG's electricity generation challenge: Power to the people, power to the economy

Papua New Guinea's development goals require a tripling of electricity supply by 2030 - growth the existing electricity delivery system will be hard pressed to deliver.

Data, mining & data mining

The Australian resources sector is slowly moving toward its inevitable big-data future – but must move quicker.

Commodity price falls unappreciated boon for ASEAN policy makers

Asian policy makers stand to benefit from commodity price disinflation as food and energy prices are plumbing the lowest levels since the great commodity inflation of 2005-08. They have their first opportunity to fundamentally revisit and unwind inefficient policies which effectively tax the allocative efficiency of their economies.

Big corporates strong growth story for ANZ’s Asian business

Revenue per major customer grows exponentially as that customer is banked across multiple countries, reinforcing the fundamentals of ANZ’s super regional strategy.