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From rags to reserve: China's RMB

When the IMF said late last month it would review to consider adding China's RMB into its Special Drawing Rights basket it became pretty clear we have reached another inflexion point in China's currency story.

Singapore’s role in the RMB story

China’s strategic currency goals are no secret – and other ASEAN nations stand to benefit.

China conniptions: what does it mean for banks?

Barely had anxieties over a collapse on Chinese share markets began to ease and stress levels were heightened again with the formal intervention to lower the RMB, followed by a market sell-off.

A Chinese global currency is approaching

Delivering his opening remarks to the second Australia-Hong Kong RMB Trade and Investment Dialogue, Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief executive Norman Chan outlined the enormous growth in usage of the Chinese currency internationally since the first tentative openings just three years ago.

The west shouldn’t fear the RMB’s next step

The International Monetary Fund is now conducting a review to consider including the RMB in the basket of Special Drawing Right (SDR) currencies and will make a final decision at the end of the year.

The RMB internationalisation journey

In an upcoming special report The Renminbi Takes Centre Stage, ANZ will provide insights on the evolution of the RMB into an international trading currency. In a special preview, exclusively on BlueNotes, the infographic below demonstrates the RMB journey so far.

The RMB reaches a crossroad

I have many conversations about the renminbi (RMB) yet I almost never walk away without some new insight, perspective or appreciation of the opportunity emerging as China liberalises its currency and financial markets.

Belt & Road, US & certainty key for RMB

We run through the key themes to emerge from the RMB Global Cities Dialogue event.

What’s behind China’s currency devaluation?

China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) surprised market by announcing it would use a daily fixing rate method to devalue the Yuan (the Renminbi or RMB). This was an historic decision as it signals a possible shift in short-term economic and financial dynamics across the world economy.

Short term volatility, long term global currency. How will the RMB move from today to the future?

Unsettling economic data, an equities meltdown, now intervention in the Chinese currency market by the central bank. Signs China is stepping back from financial liberalisation?