10 May 2017

Beyond Good and Evil: AI and market forces

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The artificial brain is growing but no matter how smart it becomes its power will depend on mere mortals and market forces.

08 May 2017

Six emerging trends from Silicon Valley

Denise Buckton | Senior Manager, Digital Tools at ANZ NZ

Fresh from San Fran, here are six key take-outs from a region known for incubating innovation.

24 Apr 2017

Sorry we missed you!

Terrie Lloyd | CEO, Japan Travel KK

One of Japan's big-three parcel delivery companies, Yamato, dropped a bombshell when an "inside source" told a major daily newspaper they would gradually end their same-day deliveries for Amazon Prime customers.

19 Apr 2017

Don’t give up on globalisation yet

Charles Wachira | Associate Director, Institutional at ANZ

The times they are a changin’.

31 Mar 2017

The case for DevOps

Matt Nicol | BlueNotes contributing editor

DevOps is a portmanteau changing the way a lot of organisations do business.

10 Jan 2017

Open data – competition cuts both ways

Darren Abbruzzese | General Manager Data, ANZ

“Silicon Valley is coming”. That’s what JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon wrote to shareholders in 2015. Dimon had been to the Valley and seen money pouring in to innovative start-ups, targeting the lending and payments space. Many other bankers have been since and come away with similar views.

23 Dec 2016

LONGREAD: When nature did it first: the art and science of biomimicry

Drew Turney | Freelance journalist

“Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain.”

08 Dec 2016

How to work out working out loud (and avoid shouting)

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Traditionally conservative workplaces are slowly shifting to a new way of working as research shows knowledge-sharing initiatives like employee social networks can lift productivity by as much as 25 per cent.

06 Dec 2016

VIDEO: the state of innovation in Australia

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

Australians have always had a thirst for cutting-edge technology and could be at the forefront of a push to consolidate mobile devices, de-cluttering the growing device clutter of workday life.

06 Dec 2016

Innovation and the gentle touch in NZ

Kathryn Boyde | BlueNotes contributing editor

Being called out at all hours of the night to perform an emergency c-section on a distressed cow is all in a night’s work for Ursula Haywood.

30 Nov 2016

Is the broker of the future a machine?

Cosi De Angelis | GM Commercial Origination Australia, ANZ

Looking back over the last two decades of Australian banking, one of the most profound disruptions was the entrance of mortgage originators and brokers to the residential mortgage market.

25 Nov 2016

LONGREAD: Why would you invest in fintech?

Grant Halverson | Former CEO, McLean Roche Consulting

It’s now nine years since ‘fintech’, the buzz term for financial technology start-ups, entered the lexicon and threatened to upend banking as we know it. It hasn’t yet. But will it?