10 May 2017

Beyond Good and Evil: AI and market forces

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The artificial brain is growing but no matter how smart it becomes its power will depend on mere mortals and market forces.

08 May 2017

Six emerging trends from Silicon Valley

Denise Buckton | Senior Manager, Digital Tools at ANZ NZ

Fresh from San Fran, here are six key take-outs from a region known for incubating innovation.

05 May 2017

RegTech: creating value, not disruption

Chami Akmeemana | Executive director of regulatory solutions, ConsenSys

Since the financial crisis in 2008 the speed of regulatory change has accelerated rapidly, consuming an increasing amount of time and resources. In 2014, the top six banks in the US spent over $US70 billion on emerging regulation.

24 Apr 2017

Sorry we missed you!

Terrie Lloyd | CEO, Japan Travel KK

One of Japan's big-three parcel delivery companies, Yamato, dropped a bombshell when an "inside source" told a major daily newspaper they would gradually end their same-day deliveries for Amazon Prime customers.

06 Apr 2017

Why BlueNotes is wrong: fintech has not peaked

Tareq Muhmood | CEO Korea & Managing Director Global Subsidiaries, ANZ

I was intrigued by BlueNotes columnist Andrew Cornell’s recent article All aboard fintech’s Trojan horse which highlighted a KPMG report showing the value of Fintech investment in 2016 was well down on 2015.

31 Mar 2017

The case for DevOps

Matt Nicol | BlueNotes contributing editor

DevOps is a portmanteau changing the way a lot of organisations do business.

09 Mar 2017

Blockchain, transparency & trust

Tristan Chan | Author, Global-is-Asian

Touted as a revolutionary technology, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger which can be used across various industries to record transaction histories, thus building trust through accountability and transparency.

06 Feb 2017

Bitcoin to live on like the Pterodactyl

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The reports of the death of Bitcoin may be exaggerations but they're out there.

28 Nov 2016

High-tech NZ sailmaker tracks into the Stratis sphere

Sophie Speer | BlueNotes contributing editor

Just as the ocean never stops moving, neither does the sailing industry. For Kiwi sailmakers Doyle Sails, weathering the changes and reading long-range forecasts have been the keys to success.

15 Nov 2016

The importance of switching off from work

Matt Ormiston | Head of Technology & Corporate Optimisation & TSO, ANZ

Dr Stan Rodksi is a cognitive neuroscientist specialising in the peak performance of the brain. His research in stress evaluation has seen him work closely with some of Australia and the world’s most successful private, school and sporting organisations, including AFL, NRL and Olympic athletes.

08 Aug 2016

Banking vs Tech: the importance of diversity in technology

Renee Whitford | BlueNotes contributing editor

The most successful businesses appeal to a wide range of people because they have diverse teams which understand what customers want and need, according to two senior technology and banking executives.

21 Jul 2016

Banking vs Tech: the collaboration economy

Renee Whitford | BlueNotes contributing editor

'Ecosystems are the new black' in the corporate world, according to two of Australia’s most senior banking and technology executives. More and more companies are collaborating to achieve growth in the digital marketplace rather than competing outside their natural base.