Asia Pacific Region

19 Jun 2018

The bright new dawn for Timor-Leste

Andrew Young | CEO Timor-Leste, ANZ

Resolution of government impasse paves way for further growth in Pacific-island nation.

15 Jun 2018

Fiji’s good run continues

Kishti Sen & Tom Kenny | International Economist & Senior International Economist, ANZ

Despite frequent shocks from natural disasters, Fiji’s economy is continuing to grow.

12 Jun 2018

Is China the only light at the end of the tunnel?

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

With global growth at its peak, China’s liquidity policy looms as an increasingly important factor for the world.

06 Jun 2018

The digital sun is rising in south east Asia

Donna Webster | Director of Capability Development, Asialink Business

The digital economy is transforming every aspect of social and business life in ASEAN regions.

01 Jun 2018

New world order: is China all consuming?

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

The China challenge is becoming more complex. It's a challenge suffusing Australia’s latest foreign policy white paper.

25 May 2018

ZTE & China’s electronics battlefield

Raymond Yeung & Kaushik Baidya | Chief Economist Greater China & Economist, ANZ

ZTE incident will surely spur China’s domestic chip production and R&D activity.

23 May 2018

Japan: a rising or waning sun?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Growth in Japan has dried up. Is this the end of Abenomics?

22 May 2018

Is the trade war really over?

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

The China-US armistice is good news but the crux of the matter has yet to be addressed.

07 May 2018

China’s not-so-secret competitiveness weapon

Betty Wang & Raymond Yeung | Senior China Economist & Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a recipe for China’s global integration plan.

02 May 2018

Has Asia missed a growth trick?

Sanjay Mathur | Chief Economist Southeast Asia & India, ANZ

Could soft manufacturing data out of Asia herald something more significant?

25 Apr 2018

Yeo on Singapore, ASEAN and the rise of China

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Eminent Singaporean George Yeo shares his insights and comparatively dovish view on China’s rise.

25 Apr 2018

ON THE COUCH: China, the second sun in the firmament

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

George Yeo sits down with bluenotes to Chat about the geopolitical disruption of China.

20 Apr 2018

For China, devaluation is a bad idea

Raymond Yeung & Khoon Goh | Chief Economist Greater China & Head of Asia Research at ANZ

It’s not in China’s best interests to devalue the yuan as it would go against two key priorities of its own government.

20 Apr 2018

PNG is on the cusp of a super cycle in mining investment

Dr Kishti Sen | International economist, ANZ

Short-term growth in the Pacific nation will remain subdued but longer-term prospects are more encouraging.

11 Apr 2018

China commits to reform

Betty Wang | Senior China Economist, ANZ

New Governor of People’s Bank of China lays out timelines for country’s economic reforms.

09 Apr 2018

Emerging Asia: not so young after all

Eugenia Victorino | Economist, ANZ

A demographic transition is under way in Emerging Asia, what will this mean for growth?