Asia Pacific Region

28 Apr 2022

China economy: growing pains avoided. For now

Betty Wang, Zhaopeng Xing & Raymond Yeung | Senior China Economist, Senior China Strategist & Chief Economist China, ANZ

Ongoing support measure are critical to address underlying growth issues in China despite recent better-than-expected data.

12 Apr 2022

Fiji economy: changing gears

Kishti Sen | Pacific Economist, ANZ

The Fijian economy looks set to remain in good shape in 2022 but upstream price pressures such as higher import and unit labour costs are a risk.

25 Mar 2022

A third paradigm for Aus-Japan investments

Ian Williams & Tatsuki Shiratsuchi | Senior Advisor & Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills

Despite the strong economic performances of Australia and Japan in 2021, M&A activity was lower than anticipated.

17 Mar 2022

China’s geopolitical balancing act

Betty Wang | Senior China Economist, ANZ

The devastating ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict will have an impact on China’s external trade flows.

11 Feb 2022

Green demand emerges in emerging Asia

Sarah Ng, Stephanie Vallance & Takehiro Yamamiya | Dir. Asia & ME Capital Markets, Dir. International Sus Finance & Dir. Rates & Credit Sales Japan, ANZ

Sustainability reporting – though in its infancy in some emerging markets - is evolving rapidly. It’s needed to keep pace with demand.

01 Feb 2022

Does economic prosperity await the Year of the Tiger?

Raymond Yeung, Betty Wang & Zhaopeng Xing | Chief Economist, Greater China, Senior China Economist, Greater China, and China Markets Economist at ANZ

What can be expected of China’s economic outlook in the Year of the Tiger?

28 Jan 2022

Tonga recovery: one day at a time

Kishti Sen & Tom Kenny | International Economist & Senior International Economist, ANZ

The road to recovery for the Tongan community will be tough. Support from neighbouring nations is essential.

11 Nov 2021

Tourism touches down in Fiji

Nathan Wilson | Head of Commercial Banking Fiji, ANZ

Following a highly successful vaccination campaign and stringent COVID-19 safety protocols, Fiji is ready to accept tourists once again and rebuild the economy.

07 Oct 2021

Broken links in global supply chains

Robert Law | Director of Advisory & Insights, Asialink Business

The pandemic has made supply chain shortages a popular household topic in communities around Australia and globally.

17 Sep 2021

Rewriting China’s economic glossary

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

New economic linguistics in China have placed an emphasis on resource redistribution and interconnectedness.

19 Aug 2021

Supply chains: shifting sands

Bansi Madhavani | Senior Economist, ANZ

Diversified supply chains may have increased manufacturing in regions outside China. But it still dominates global trade.

17 Aug 2021

Pacific islands: economic outlook

Kishti Sen & Tom Kenny | International Economist & Senior International Economist, ANZ

It’s been a tough time for Pacific island communities and economic conditions remain a challenge for the rest of 2021.

09 Aug 2021

Southeast Asia: forecast less certain

Sanjay Mathur | Chief Economist Southeast Asia & India, ANZ

Ongoing COVID-19 infections and restrictions have dampened the forecasted recovery in Southeast Asia.

30 Jul 2021

Building resilience in Fiji tourism

Sharon Klyne | bluenotes contributor

Critical tourism infrastructure is being built in Fiji to support the post-pandemic recovery.

29 Jul 2021

China policy: shifting the spotlight from tech

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

Policy shifts in China appear to be pulling away from ‘barbaric growth’ in the technology sector.

02 Jul 2021

Vaccination progress picks up the pace in Asia

Krystal Tan | Asia Economist, ANZ

Asia’s vaccine roll-out is at an inflection point. We may finally be seeing the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 drag on the region’s growth.