Asia Pacific Region

18 Aug 2017

China’s new digital dividend

Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng | Distinguished Fellow at AGI & President, HKIIF

Sustaining rapid growth in China requires the country to keep moving up the global value chain.

16 Aug 2017

INTERACTIVE: Asia? Not yet

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

Study finds biggest Australian companies are not yet properly equipped to succeed in Asia.

11 Aug 2017

From the clouds: Viet Nam’s aviation boom

Helen Clark | Freelance journalist & former Asian correspondent

The Vietnamese aviation sector is unrecognisable from 10 years ago and growth is only getting started.

10 Aug 2017

Fun in Japan on ‘Premium Friday’

Elizabeth Masamune | Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

It’s always a challenge to order an improvement in morale - as Japan has found out.

04 Aug 2017

China set to bolster regulatory oversight

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

Asian giant mulls further regulatory reform amid convergence of financial services.

24 Jul 2017

Aus agriculture’s multi-sided China opportunity

Simone Stella | bluenotes contributor

Australian produce is embedded in the premium end of China’s retail market – but there are opportunities all along the supply chain.

18 Jul 2017

China signals strong hand at NFWC

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

Asian giant plans to intensify financial oversight; looks to curb debt control on SoEs.

14 Jul 2017

Paradise, the Samoan way

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

bluenotes speaks to Samoan PM Susuga Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi about the country’s future.

27 Jun 2017

Japan & the rise of the machines

Grant Knuckey | Chief Executive Officer, Japan, ANZ

In Japan, it’s unclear how the labour market’s path to productivity will play out.

22 Jun 2017

Positive signs for China’s onshore financial market

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

Positive signs for China’s onshore financial market should incentivise Chinese regulators to further improve its regulatory transparency and oversight.

13 Jun 2017

NZ Truckometer: up, up and ok

Sharon Zollner | Associate Director & Senior Economist NZ, ANZ

Latest reading suggests NZ economy still has plenty of momentum.

13 Jun 2017

Making hay while China shines: FDI in Australia

Mark Whelan | Group Executive, Institutional at ANZ

Chinese investment in Australia is not an opportunity which can be taken for granted.

09 Jun 2017

ChAFTA’s bright future

Alan Oxley | Managing Director, ITS Global

On the second anniversary of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement economic engagement is already deeper and broader.

09 Jun 2017

Business must lead support for free trade

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

ChAFTA has delivered vast improvements for people and businesses and will continue to do so.

08 Jun 2017

China’s risk-profile shift in five charts

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

China’s price-driven recovery which came on the back of the commodity super cycle is starting to lose steam.

06 Jun 2017

The Mekong’s demographic tailwind won’t last forever

Eugenia Victorino | Economist, ANZ

How long can the Greater Mekong region depend on a young workforce?