Social and Economic Sustainability

18 Oct 2017

LONGREAD: China’s green shift and how Australia should respond

John A Mathews | Professor of strategy at MGSM, Macquarie University

China has adopted a new energy strategy with determination and ambition. Australia needs to position itself strategically.

06 Oct 2017

Growth in remote areas helps all: FMG’s Power

Kathleen Jahour | Head of Regional Business Banking WA

Fortescue CEO says partnership with ANZ will help remote communities meet needs of surrounding industry.

18 Sep 2017

Energy security needs national leadership

Mark Stone | Chief Executive at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Rising power costs are felt by everyone – but the impact they have on small businesses can be devastating.

01 Aug 2017

Women > men (when it comes to investing)

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

A growing body of data suggest the stereotype around women and investment is out of date.

31 Jul 2017

Why green is no longer a soft investment issue

Simon O’Connor | CEO at Responsible Investment Association Australasia

Responsibly invested assets have quadrupled in the last three years to $US622 billion.

20 Jul 2017

How do we nurture the green bond market?

Robert Scharfe | Chief Executive Officer of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Exchange groups have the power to support the transition to greener economies.

20 Jul 2017

Australia’s energy certainty opportunity

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

It is in all our interests to move beyond old debates and seek certainty around energy policy.

10 Jul 2017

Youth education key to regional prosperity

Isaac Rankin | GM Regional Business Banking, ANZ

Supporting youth education is vital to building vibrant and sustainable regional communities.

07 Jul 2017

We must shift gears to save our cities

Jean-Paul Pelosi | Freelance journalist

Australians should be asking more questions about how their streets are used before it is too late.

30 Jun 2017

Q&A: BoE’s Carney on the role of business on climate

Francine Lacqua | Bloomberg

FSB chair chats to Bloomberg about climate and financial stability ahead of G-20 meeting.

30 Jun 2017

From rubber waste to black gold

Tom Cropper | Freelance Social Enterprise Journalist

An Australian company has broken new ground with a revolutionary technique which turns waste tyres into a potential goldmine.

26 Jun 2017

Finkel: from recommendation to reality?

Sharon Simon | Head of R&A, Utilities & Infrastructure, ANZ

The Finkel Review highlights the need for clarity and certainty in Australia’s electricity market.

20 Jun 2017

NZ agri: there’s an app for that

Con Williams | Rural Economist NZ, ANZ

A technology tsunami is upon the primary sectors. What are the apps which will help?

14 Jun 2017

For people with a disability, media diversity can change lives

Meg Dalling | Lawyer, ANZ

We need more diversity in our media. Here are the groups making a difference.

05 Jun 2017

Elliott: banks must be more than profit

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ CEO acknowledges companies must do more and help communities to thrive.

02 Jun 2017

Giving and perspective from below the line

Lorissa Paulk | BlueNotes contributing editor

Kate Langan spent five days living on $2 a day and gained a greater perspective on those living in need.