ANZ Social Media Guidelines for Moderation

ANZ values your participation and contribution to our community forums, hubs, blogs and websites.  We invite you to share your experiences, feedback, expertise, and improvement suggestions to help us better connect with our customers.

As such, all comments submitted to us will be reviewed and subject to the following ‘ground rules’ to help maintain a vibrant community respectful to all participants.

1. We have the right to moderate the content

We welcome and acknowledge both positive and negative feedback, but we will moderate (review, approve and remove) content without prior agreement with the user originating the content on any social media properties set up by ANZ (subject to the governance of the social media property) based on our criteria below:

1a. No Private or Confidential information is disclosed, such as personal account information, PIN numbers, passwords, etc…  We take the privacy of our customer, client and stakeholders seriously, and will take necessary measures to ensure we comply with the relevant privacy legislation and laws of the country we operate in.

1b. No inappropriate content or personal attacks.  Do not post denigrating, disrespectful, offensive, obscene, threatening or abusive material, and do not direct this content at community participants (such as blog authors, moderators or admin personnel, and other community members).

1c. Participation needs to be relevant to the topic, and helpful to the community.  We will remove content that is unrelated to the topic and any content that repetitively talks to the same subject, i.e. flame-wars, personal agendas, etc… We will also remove any content that solicits sales, and for personal, political and commercial gains.

1d. Any illegal, copyrighted, intellectual property, and other content that may put ANZ (and our associated brands and companies) in a threatened or litigious circumstances will be removed.

1e. Be courteous and respectful to community members, so refrain from shouting (ALL CAPS), excessive use of slang and misrepresenting yourself to others.

1f. We reserve the right (where the social media property allows) to block users from ANZ owed social media properties at our sole discretion, without notice.

2. All contributors should be transparent

We have good faith that community members will not misrepresent themselves or post false and misleading information.  Anyone contributing content on behalf of ANZ, such as contractors, endorsements, seeding, or incentivised in any way by ANZ for their content should disclose their relationship to ANZ.

3. Communities are not specific customer servicing points

We will try to answer questions and contribute to the discussion, but some forums and discussion boards are not meant for customer service or complaints handling, so we will redirect these requests to the appropriate channels, such as our Twitter account or

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