Workplace Diversity

08 Sep 2017

Australia, can we call you fair on equality?

Harsh Vardhan | Manager, Strategic Risk & Enablement, ANZ

As we stand at an important juncture in Australian history advice can be found in the national song.

25 Aug 2017

IN PICS: a carnival of costumes & equality

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

In part two of our history series we showcase vibrant costumes ANZ staff have worn at Sydney’s Mardi Gras (with bonus flash mob).

01 Aug 2017

Women > men (when it comes to investing)

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

A growing body of data suggest the stereotype around women and investment is out of date.

28 Jul 2017

Catherine Fox recognised with Walkley

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

bluenotes contributor, guest editor recognised for work on gender equality.

07 Jul 2017

The pregnant pause: are attitudes changing at work?

Sarah Parker | Associate Director, Global Product Management, ANZ

One in two mothers still report discrimination at some point during pregnancy.

16 May 2017

VIDEO: women don’t need fixing

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Launching her new book with bluenotes, Catherine Fox explains why women don’t need to be fixed – but the system does.

12 May 2017

Gay leaders and the power of role models

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

In business the penalties for being different have been all-too obvious. That’s slowly starting to change.

09 May 2017

PODCAST: The future of work is anti-disciplinarian

David Lewis | Australian business professional and founder of The Mentor List

Work Club founder and CEO Soren Trampedach discusses the future of work – and it is essentially evolve or die.

05 May 2017

Pitch Perfect: be your own point of difference

Carina Parisella | Senior Manager Strategic Engagement, ANZ

Only 3 per cent of tech firms globally are founded by females. Which doesn’t just sound wrong but in fact delivers poorer economic outcomes.

19 Apr 2017

Don’t give up on globalisation yet

Charles Wachira | Associate Director, Institutional at ANZ

The times they are a changin’.

18 Apr 2017

Women and careers: a story of choice

Erica Hardinge | Acting Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

Countless times throughout my career I've been counselled that I need to choose - often by amazing mothers and full-time career women.

13 Apr 2017

Bring back the typewriter? Write on!

Leo D'Angelo Fisher | Freelance journalist

There was a time when the typewriter was a marvel of cutting edge technology. But look at a typewriter today and the first thing that comes to mind is “old technology” - with what level affection depending on where one stands on the typewriter affection spectrum, from “good riddance” to moist-eyed nostalgia to retro appreciation.

12 Apr 2017

It’s not all about millennials: consumers are ageing

Gina Westbrook | Director Strategy Briefings, Euromonitor

There’s never been a better time to be old – or to take advantage of the growing mature-consumer market. Life expectancy is rising around the world, having a major effect on consumer behaviour and the way business approach the market.

29 Mar 2017

VIDEO: where real leadership happens

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The idea everyone can be a leader is a myth, ANZ director Paula Dwyer says, but that doesn’t mean leadership can’t be found at every level of an organisation.

23 Mar 2017

A tour of Tasmania’s future

Chris Sparks | Regional Executive, Regional Business Banking Tasmania, ANZ

With all the excitement accompanying Hobart’s unveiling of MONA back in 2012, not even the most optimistic among us could’ve foreseen how transformational a privately owned modern art museum would be for the tourism fortunes of the capital or for Tasmania as a whole.

17 Mar 2017

Alcott on role models, barriers & ability

Christine Linden | General Manager, Regional Business Banking, ANZ Australia

Dylan Alcott’s journey is extraordinary, his story inspiring. An elite athlete, Alcott won his first Paralympic gold medal as a member of the Australian Wheelchair Basketball Team at 17.