Workplace Diversity

03 Apr 2018

#WAAD: autism and filling the talent gap

Matt Ormiston | Head of Technology & Corporate Optimisation & TSO, ANZ

How are businesses diversifying their workforces in order to fill the growing talent gap – and what success are they finding?

20 Mar 2018

Accessibility for all

Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

Companies must consider the needs of all their customers when designing products and processes.

08 Mar 2018

IWD2018: Pressing on – bluenotes full coverage

Catherine Fox | Journalist and author

Don't miss a thing this IWD - here's everything you should be reading, watching and listening to.

08 Mar 2018

Why women are pressing for progress

Catherine Fox | Journalist and author

Guest editor Catherine Fox discusses the surge of international activism lead by women since IWD last year

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018 reading list: Jablko, Connick, Dwyer and more

Michelle Jablko, Lynwen Connick, Paula Dwyer & more | Senior executives, ANZ

We can learn so much from each other, so we asked some of our senior women to share what they’re watching, reading and listening to this IWD.

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018: Baby, baby - how workplace pregnancy has changed in NZ

Susana Lei’ataua | bluenotes contributor

ANZ’s new 26 weeks’ paid parental leave is a far cry from the experiences of women in the past.

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018: trekking through the equality jungle

Elaine Bensted | CEO, Zoos South Australia

Everyone has a role to play in driving continual change and encouraging diversity of all types.

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018 PODCAST: bringing success to work

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

Diversity in business is an asset as unique insights can be drawn from a broad range of experiences.

06 Mar 2018

IWD2018: leaders set sail for the winds of change

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

#meetoo changed the world. We speak to four senior leaders about what the new landscape looks like for women.

06 Mar 2018

IWD2018: action, results & equality in start-ups

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

Females make up over half the population, but less than 20 per cent of all start up founders – what is creating this gap?

06 Mar 2018

IWD2018: leadership, leaning poppies and the Drake Passage

Dr Sophie Adams | Clinical Director, Orygen, The National Centre for Excellence in Youth Mental Health

Could the tall poppy syndrome we collectively create and despise actually help us be better leaders?

05 Mar 2018

IWD2018: how job sharing creates better leaders

Jemma Wight | Production Editor, bluenotes

Flexible working allows women - and men - to create a better work-life balance and ultimately be better workplace leaders.

05 Mar 2018

IWD2018: Japan - diversity & perspective

Maiko Oda | Editor & Staff Writer, Nikkei Dual

On average in Japan, females make up only 6.9 per cent of management positions – something needs to change.

02 Mar 2018

Why ANZ’s saying yay this Mardi Gras

Darren Sibson | bluenotes contributor

It’s been a big 12 months for the LGBTI community, and now it’s time to celebrate.

02 Mar 2018

IWD2018: how safe spaces create inclusion for all women

Jemma Wight | Production Editor, bluenotes

We speak to two ANZ employees about the importance of celebrating all women on IWD.

01 Mar 2018

IWD2018: women throughout ANZ’s history

James Wilson & Peter Marinick | Historical Editor, bluenotes & Archivist, ANZ

As we celebrate IWD, we look back at the women who shaped our history