Technology Innovation

19 Jan 2018

Mobile wallet spending surges over holiday period

Steve Price | Head of Everyday Banking and Payments, ANZ

ANZ data shows rapidly growing popularity of mobile payments.

17 Jan 2018

Bitcoin: hype or hip?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The level of interest in bitcoin is equalled perhaps only by the dollars pouring into it – and anything remotely associated.

12 Jan 2018

Everything you’ll ever need to know about blockchain - the revised edition

Christian Venter | GM Digital Technology, ANZ

We’ve updated our longform explainer taking you through the ins and outs of something not many people fully understand.

10 Jan 2018

Fintechs no longer revolting

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Once upon a time, fintech meant revolution – but it’s now part of the financial mainstream.

04 Jan 2018

You’re already in the business of technology

Sylvia Pennington | Small Business & Personal Finance Journalist

Futurist Chris Riddell offers insights on the technological future of business, trust and the customer.

18 Dec 2017

Why we need to teach kids the ABCs of STEM

Ryan Crocker & Carina Parisella | contributor & innovation editor, bluenotes

We speak to author and expert Penelope Taylor on the business imperative of ensuring children have the right skills to be fit for the jobs of the future.

08 Dec 2017

Data, ethics and the creepy line

Joanna Jordan | bluenotes contributor

Data can provide better customer outcomes– but businesses have a responsibility to use it correctly.

06 Dec 2017

PODCAST: the gap between boards and cyber risk

Paul Burrow | Security Capability Uplift Manager, ANZ

Boards are told more about cyber risk than ever before, McAfee exec says – but do they understand it?

06 Dec 2017

Scrap your wallet, save your life

Steve Price | Head of Everyday Banking and Payments, ANZ

The global wearables market is expected to be worth a staggering $US25 billion by 2019.

05 Dec 2017

LONGREAD: who's liable if AI goes wrong?

Drew Turney | Freelance journalist

AI choices have caused discrimination, racism and at least one death. When a computer's learned more than the developer has programmed into it, who do we blame?

04 Dec 2017

How the NPP will digitise payment

Kate Sutherland | bluenotes contributor

On podcast, ANZ’s Nigel Dobson and NPP’s Adrian Lovney chat about the real-time future of the Australian payments sector.

29 Nov 2017

Australia ranked 2nd in digital connectivity

Michelle Evans | Head of Digital Consumer Research, Euromonitor International

Strong investment and consumer adoption puts Australia in rare air globally.

16 Nov 2017

Beyond bitcoin: the open blockchain

Mark Ebeling | CTO Blockchain & FinServ, IBM

Blockchain for enterprise has emerged from a deeply technical world and out into the open – to the delight of investors & entrepreneurs.

08 Nov 2017

Is the NZ lawyer of the future a robot?

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

AI and technology are going to fundamentally change the legal sector in the future. How do law firms hire with this in mind?

23 Oct 2017

Notes on banking accessibility

Fred Ohlsson | Group Executive, ANZ Australia

As payment tech develops, banks and regulators must ensure methods stays accessible for the whole community.

13 Oct 2017

In payments, fraud never changes

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

The way we pay is changing rapidly but one thing endures: risk.