Technology Innovation

19 Sep 2023

Navigating the cloud atlas

Sally Lau | Cloud Capability Lead, Technology ANZ

Cloud. Data. Automation. Artificial intelligence. To understand the future, you need to know each part of the jigsaw. ANZ is using cutting-edge technology to create a full picture.

14 Sep 2023

The next frontier for digital assets

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

Central bank digital currencies will change the way banking works. And we’ve only just begun to understand their potential to transform payments.

13 Sep 2023

The future of security is layered

Gabe Steele | Join Value Stream Lead, ANZx

Is your personal information being stolen and misused? Do you even know? Better protection is here – and it comes in layers.

12 Sep 2023

Driving force in Australia’s cyber battlefield

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Whether protecting trillions of dollars of customers’ money or guarding the nation from cyber-attack, Lynwen Connick has been at the cutting edge of digital change.

06 Sep 2023

Smart phones introduce smarter payment options

John Campbell | GM Transact & Save, Australia Commercial, ANZ

Payment technology we rely on today were once a far-fetched pipe dream. Worldline Tap on Mobile is another leap forward.

31 Aug 2023

As the cost of living soars, every dollar counts

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Households are looking for ways to save as bills rise. Cashrewards allows customers to cash back on their purchases.

23 Aug 2023

Australia’s green hydrogen opportunity

Aaron Ross & Nick Easingwood | Global Head of Project and Export Finance, ANZ & Head of New Energy, ANZ

The world is getting hotter but so is the demand for innovative energy industries like hydrogen. Australia needs to embrace the opportunity.

22 Aug 2023

Adapting the artificial intelligence model

Tim Hogarth | Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

When does AI move from sci-fi to helping you in your day job? It already is, with ANZ’s chatbot Z-GPT.

21 Aug 2023

A new view on the property market

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Technology is disrupting every aspect of business, including the property market. View Media Group wants to harness that innovation to change the way consumers buy and sell property – and more.

10 Aug 2023

Shutting down the mule trade

Shaq Johnson | Head of Customer Protection, ANZ

Criminals can trap Australians into acting as “money mules” – helping to launder billions of dollars by transferring illegal funds between accounts. An ANZ pilot is disrupting the trade.

09 Aug 2023

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Covering the pace of technological change in financial services is mind blowing. And while the concepts are new, our goals haven’t changed much in a decade.

27 Jul 2023

Is card surcharging justified or does it encourage rorting?

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

While it touches us daily, most people are unaware. Every merchant has their costs, including the costs of accepting payments. But is surcharging just a regulatory approved justification for an extra charge?

26 Jul 2023

Beware the promise of fantastic investment returns

Benjamin White | Senior Manager, Customer Protections Operations, ANZ

Investment scams are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. Businesses and customers must work together to help stem the flow of funds to fraudsters and scammers.

14 Jul 2023

Data key to mitigating financial crime compliance risk

Suresh Rajalingam | Head of Oceania, Swift

The pace of developments in global payments technology is accelerating and financial institutions must have systems in place to ensure compliance and fight financial crime.

06 Jul 2023

Elevating the employee experience

Vinit Jha | Domain Lead, Employee Experience, ANZ

The rise of hybrid working and artificial intelligence has forever changed how we work. In this new era, how can companies adopt new ways to measure, improve and innovate for their employees.

03 Jul 2023

Help is on the line

Jason Humphrey | Chief Risk Officer, Australia, ANZ

The planet has gone online but in a digital world ANZ is bringing back old school bank manager conversations – but 24-7.