Technology Innovation

18 May 2022

Ah, you want a stable stablecoin…

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Rising rate expectations are ultimately behind the destruction of recent weeks in crypto asset markets, especially cryptocurrencies.

11 May 2022

Building a more accessible bank

Meg Dalling | Customer Vulnerability & Accessibility Lead, ANZ

As organisations step further through their technology transformation, it’s imperative they remain focused on accessibility for all.

10 May 2022

Small business: thwarting cyber threats

Paul Presland | General Manager of Small Business Banking, ANZ

Cyber security threats are growing rapidly. Education and resources for small businesses will help avoid financial loss.

04 May 2022

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: more power in the hands of ANZ Plus customers

Tim Hogarth & Wayne Spiteri | Chief Technology Officer & Engineering Lead, ANZ

The profound change in the architecture supporting the new ANZ Plus proposition will give customers a whole new range of functionality.

11 Apr 2022

Stablecoins: a brave new world

Ryan McCall | CEO and co-founder, Zerocap

Oh brave new world that has such things in it… In the uncertain world of new money, stablecoins offer clarity and a range of productivity and financial benefits.

05 Apr 2022

Venturing into a new payments frontier

Petr Ryska | Chief Executive Officer of ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions

The new ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions joint venture launched this week into a rapidly evolving world of payments.

01 Apr 2022

Zero trust in business cyber security

Brett Winterford | Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific at Okta

After years of cyber criminals silently pressuring businesses to pay up, data breach reporting is back on the rise. But this time with a new sting in the tail.

28 Mar 2022

The path to transformation-Plus

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

The launch of ANZ’s new retail banking platform ANZ Plus sparked a conversation about transformation and the hardware and software organisations need to make it work.

24 Mar 2022

A stable platform for the next step

Nigel Dobson | Banking Services Lead, ANZ

Stablecoins, tokenisation and defi are more than just online trends now. They are the basis of real demands from customers. And banks must step up.

09 Mar 2022

Developing incremental innovation in payments

Anne A’Speculo | Director in Customer Solutions, ANZ Institutional

ANZ has adapted quickly to deal with the payments needs of major clients.

23 Feb 2022

Revolutionising the industry – from inside and out

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Incumbent banks are not standing still in the face of the ongoing challenge from increasingly well funded fintechs. Instead they are assimilating the tech, innovations and entrepreneurial spirit of challengers.

21 Feb 2022

Engineering a new generation of technology

Tim Hogarth | Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

ANZ’s newly appointed Chief Technology Officer Tim Hogarth sheds light on what big companies must do to keep up with a rapidly developing landscape.

15 Dec 2021

ANZx emerging into the light

Maile Carnegie | Group Executive - Australia Retail, ANZ

The program will transform traditional banking and help people and businesses improve their financial wellbeing.

03 Dec 2021

Education key to foiling fraud

Cassandra Hewett | Group Head of Financial Crime & Money Laundering Reporting Officer, ANZ

A focus on shared knowledge and preventative education will help fight back the growing risk of fraud.

15 Nov 2021

Balancing risks in marketing

Philip Hardy & Gwladys Tedga | Risk Advisory Partner & Director, Ashurst

Marketing is a powerful tool for good when businesses deploy it responsibly and with purpose.

12 Nov 2021

Central banks and the occult: talers from the crypto

James Culham | Executive Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

As regulators consider policies around digital currencies, what may be some of the unintended consequences?