VIDEO: what’s next for wearables? Nobody knows

Successful venture capitalist Brad Feld has no idea where wearable tech will go in the future and genuinely does not care. To him, what is more interesting is how tech develops - and it’s rarely in the linear manner everyone likes to think.

“The rate of change of the integration of technology and human beings is happening at a pace incomprehensible to us,” Feld, who has had huge success investing in technology brands like Fitbit and Zynga, told BlueNotes on video.

" We’re always in this mindset that everything’s linear. But in fact much of the innovation curve is geometric."
Brad Feld, Venture capitalist

“We’re always in this mindset that everything’s linear. But in fact much of the innovation curve is geometric. I think we’re at a part of the curve... where there’s an incredible amount of upward scope.” 

What’s next for wearables? Nobody knows

Feld said as investors he and his partners try to have very open minds about what comes their way - but insist they are not predictors.

“The world ‘wearables’ didn’t exists when we invested in Fitbit,” he said, noting he was mocked at the time for putting money into a “digital pedometer company”.

“What appealed to me about Fitbit is something that appeals to me about many of the companies we invest in, which is the founders were completely and totally obsessed with the thing they were working on.”

He also touched on how technology will change the world in the future. Watch the video above to learn more.  

Felicia Trewin is Head of Strategy & Business Optimisation, Corporate & Commercial Banking, ANZ Australia

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