06 Feb 2024

AI Revolution: A Year of Transformative Impact and the Road Ahead

Tim Hogarth | Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

In just a year Generative AI has started to profoundly reshape our world. However, this transformation has only just begun. What are the next steps in the journey?

25 Jan 2024

China’s road to EV dominance

Daniel Hynes | Senior Commodity Strategist, ANZ

Little known a decade ago, China-based BYD recently overtook Tesla as the world’s biggest electric vehicle maker. What is happening in the world of EVs?

23 Jan 2024

The science of saving success

Mohamed Khalil | Head of Financial Wellbeing, Research and Design, ANZ

It’s easy to envisage our New Year’s saving plans coming off without a hitch. But as cost-of-living increases bite, understanding our own psychology can help achieve savings success.

13 Nov 2023

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: a platform for success

Lisa Vasic & Mark Whelan | MD Transaction Banking, Institutional & Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

ANZ Institutional is using digital platforms to offer banking services to large companies and financial institutions at a scale unimagined a decade ago. And it’s showing up in the bank’s full year result.

31 Oct 2023

Using artificial intelligence to fight fraud and scams

Sascha Thiel | Head of Business Platform Services, ANZ

There are new helpers in the battle against online scammers. AI, machine learning and data analytics are revolutionising our ability to protect ourselves.

27 Sep 2023

Capturing the technological advantage

Cameron Mitchell | Head of Geopolitical Risk, ANZ

Geopolitics and technology are being impacted by a trend not traditionally associated with bureaucracy: innovation.

21 Sep 2023

The price of progress

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

The deflation caused by the ever-popular semiconductor, used in everything from computers to smartphones, is running out of steam. Why is this happening and what does it mean for the economy?

07 Sep 2023

Partnering to foster innovation

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

How does a large financial institution act and think like a lean start-up? By working with innovation partner 1835i to identify new technologies to help navigate the fast-changing digital world.

23 Aug 2023

A clean energy partnership that breaks tradition

Rob Grant | General Manager and Head of Projects, Pollination

There is no credible path to net zero that does not run through land stewarded by Traditional Owners. One model in the Kimberley shows how respect can help build a better future.

18 Aug 2023

ESG the key to unlock value for small businesses

Mark Ellul & Simon Janes | Head Community Sustainability, ANZ & Portfolio, Data & Credit Appetite Lead, ANZ

The world and its consumers are seeking to find businesses with responsible practices. Small and medium sized business can play a big role, here are some of their stories.

03 Jul 2023

Help is on the line

Jason Humphrey | Chief Risk Officer, Australia, ANZ

The planet has gone online but in a digital world ANZ is bringing back old school bank manager conversations – but 24-7.

16 Jun 2023

License to thrive

Andy White | CEO of Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet)

Australian payments system reforms mean more can play but you must be prepared to pay.