23 Jul 2018

STEM, kids and breaking things

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

Pulling things apart and repairing them is still a big pastime for kids - it’s just these days, everything is built from code.

20 Jun 2018

Q&A: on robots, why can’t we just be friends?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

We chat to an expert panel about AI, the future of work and why we might not have to fight the robots after all.

15 May 2018

To get more kids into STEM, we need to change

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

A rethink on the way we instill, assess and value knowledge in students is required, educator says.

05 Feb 2018

The new commandments for online

Erica Hardinge | Head of Security Enablement, ANZ

We’re learning more about the impact of the dark side of the net on our kids.

30 Jan 2018

Q&A: innovation never stops

Craig Sims & Shaji Farooq | GM Operations & Services, ANZ & President & CEO, BFSI, Wipro Ltd

Financial services, like all businesses, can’t be satisfied with the gains it has made in technology.

12 Jan 2018

Everything you’ll ever need to know about blockchain - the revised edition

Christian Venter | GM Digital Technology, ANZ

We’ve updated our longform explainer taking you through the ins and outs of something not many people fully understand.

05 Jan 2018

The value in analysing analytics

Michael Gibson | Senior Analytics Delivery Lead, ANZ

Analytics are important to the success of all business – but why is adoption typically so low?

18 Dec 2017

Why we need to teach kids the ABCs of STEM

Ryan Crocker & Carina Parisella | contributor & innovation editor, bluenotes

We speak to author and expert Penelope Taylor on the business imperative of ensuring children have the right skills to be fit for the jobs of the future.

08 Dec 2017

Data, ethics and the creepy line

Joanna Jordan | bluenotes contributor

Data can provide better customer outcomes– but businesses have a responsibility to use it correctly.

20 Nov 2017

The sky is falling, aisle six

Mark Ganz | Director Client Insights, ANZ

Will the ‘Amazon effect’ destroy the Australian retail sector?

09 Oct 2017

Apple iPhone X - the mobile banking era is over

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

Banking is now about convenience – and it’s up to banks to learn where the friction points are.

02 Oct 2017

Leaders, bring out your audacity

Dr Alicia Fortinberry | Writer, speaker and best-selling co-author.

Developing a learning and growth mindset in yourself and others in times of uncertainty requires stepping outside your comfort zone.