30 Jun 2022

The wide-open banking road

Jody Bullen | Head of Open Banking New Zealand at ANZ

A focus on regulation and relationships will help the open banking rollout in New Zealand accelerate safely.

24 Jun 2022

Planning for a connected, digital future

Andy Thiss | Country Manager & Area VP, Anaplan ANZ

Banks must – continue – to break down silos and connect data from legacy systems if their transformations are to succeed.

22 Jun 2022

Technology strategy in banking: constantly evolving

Gerard Florian | Group Executive Technology, ANZ

Tech executive explains why ANZ’s technology strategy must remain closely aligned with the bank’s broader strategy.

15 Jun 2022

The cloud and the silver lining for customers

Tim Hogarth | Chief Technology Officer, ANZ

As major companies shift their technology footprint to the cloud, the benefits are significant for ANZ, its customer and shareholders.

14 Jun 2022

A century-old tax and a stablecoin walk into a bar…

Doug Campbell | General Manager Australia, Convergence.Tech

Decentralised finance technologies are helping alcohol producers and regulators maintain oversight and reduce red-tape.

30 May 2022

Hightower: from digital journeys to customer destinations

Daniel Gonsalves | Portfolio Lead, ANZx

Google Cloud and software engineering expert Hightower says constantly refocusing priorities based off customer needs is integral to creating a successful product.

24 May 2022

Stopping fraudsters: another line in ANZ’s digital defence

Sascha Thiel | Head of Business Platform Services, ANZ

With scams on the rise ANZ has developed another mechanism to help protect customers and their data.

18 May 2022

Ah, you want a stable stablecoin…

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Rising rate expectations are ultimately behind the destruction of recent weeks in crypto asset markets, especially cryptocurrencies.

04 May 2022

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: more power in the hands of ANZ Plus customers

Tim Hogarth & Wayne Spiteri | Chief Technology Officer & Engineering Lead, ANZ

The profound change in the architecture supporting the new ANZ Plus proposition will give customers a whole new range of functionality.

04 May 2022

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: the stable in stablecoin

Nigel Dobson | Banking Services Lead, ANZ

Fintech was once touted as the great challenger to traditional finance, will DeFi – decentralised finance – be the next threat? Or will it create opportunity?

05 Apr 2022

When worlds collide: DeFi meets TradFi

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Decentralised finance has become big enough for central banks to take notice. Will subsequent rules and regulations help DeFi grow or will the bubble burst?

04 Feb 2022

Banking on the neo consumer

Tim Dring | Oceania Banking & Capital Markets leader, EY

“Neobanks” aren’t shutting down incumbent banks just yet - a focus on trust and product personalisation will keep their appeal at bay. For now….