How Thankyou built a new model of social impact investing to change the business world

How Thankyou built a new model of social impact investing to change the business world

Social media is changing the world and one Australian start-up has shown just how successful a business can become by approaching it with an effective, if unconventional, strategy.

"Sometimes we have to go against the grain."
Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder and Managing Director Thankyou Group

Speaking at an ANZ Technology Speaker Series event in Melbourne, Daniel Flynn, co-founder and managing director of Thankyou, explained how his group used social media to beat up strong interest in its product before a critical pitch to conglomerate 7-Eleven. 

Thankyou uses proceeds from the sale of bottled water and other products to provide safe drinking water and hygiene to poor communities around the world. 

“The world’s changing and we’ve used social media in a way that many haven’t before,” Flynn says. “Sometimes we need to go against the grain. We did that when we launched this." 

Watch the video above to learn more about this incredible story.

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