Leadership and Management

17 Nov 2017

blueprints: knowledge is power

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

The wealthiest countries are often not the smartest, this interactive infographic shows.

14 Nov 2017

Directors & governance in a time of concern

Diane Smith-Gander | Non-executive Director

Businesses – and directors – need to move purposefully and carefully in the modern marketplace.

02 Nov 2017

The best lessons don’t always come from the top

Andrew Palmer | Head of FIG Australia, ANZ

Helping communities thrive can help put professional achievements into perspective.

24 Oct 2017

What makes up a good board?

Diane Smith-Gander | Non-executive Director

Directors need to contemplate a company’s next big step, beyond the scope of the present strategy.

02 Oct 2017

Leaders, bring out your audacity

Dr Alicia Fortinberry | Writer, speaker and best-selling co-author.

Developing a learning and growth mindset in yourself and others in times of uncertainty requires stepping outside your comfort zone.

21 Sep 2017

Seven steps to smooth CEO switches for start-ups

Tony Rossano | Senior client partner and head of Global Technology Markets Practice at Korn Ferry Asia Pacific

CEO succession in start-ups is markedly different from anywhere else.

18 Sep 2017

Energy security needs national leadership

Mark Stone | Chief Executive at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Rising power costs are felt by everyone – but the impact they have on small businesses can be devastating.

11 Sep 2017

Podcast: a social and entrepreneurial mindset

David Lewis | Australian business professional and founder of The Mentor List

In the Mentor List’s latest podcast they talk to Jan Owen about unleashing the potential of young people to lead positive change in the world.

01 Sep 2017

blueprints: behind mahogany doors

Thomas Hounslow | Data Editor

PwC’s latest CEO Survey offers insights into not just what the world’s business leaders think but how those views are changing.

29 Aug 2017

VIDEO: squads, tribes & new ways to work

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

ANZ’s Kath Bray explains on video how ANZ’s new agile method of working will actually work.

24 Aug 2017

PODCAST: inside the mind of truly great leaders

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The role of modern leadership is creating an environment of trust and empowerment, Dr Alicia Fortinberry says.

24 Jul 2017

Fixing the feedback loop at work

Jodi Fullarton-Healey | General Counsel, International & Institutional Banking at ANZ

When it comes to feedback at work, everyone wants it but nobody wants to give it.

17 Jul 2017

Leadership lessons from GoT (no spoilers!)

Leo D'Angelo Fisher | Freelance journalist

Betrayal, deceit, false flattery, mind games… don’t worry, we’re not talking about work - are we?

14 Jul 2017

Stronger through workplace challenge and change

Nigel Bowen | Freelance journalist

For financial advisers, staying positive in an environment of massive change and public scrutiny is tough – but can be done.

11 Jul 2017

How to be an agile leader

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Ex-MYOB exec says agile leading involves giving up on old ideas of control.

29 Jun 2017

The Goodes oil on culture, leadership & winning

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

Champion footballer and Australian Adam Goodes shares reflections on his career and success.