Leadership and Management

18 Jan 2018

Dylan Alcott: that winning culture

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

From the court to the office, Open champion says the most vital ingredient of success is culture.

11 Jan 2018

Cadel Evans: work hard, get rewards

Peter Wilmoth | Feature writer

The secret to cycling and career success is the same, according to Tour de France winner Cadel Evans.

08 Jan 2018

The real job of leaders in times of change

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

The emotional side of change is often overlooked by businesses - understanding it can help staff embrace the new normal.

19 Dec 2017

Elliott: community, causes & social licence

Sally Warhaft | Broadcaster, anthropologist and writer

On podcast, CEO talks about ANZ’s causes and the changing community expectations which led the bank to support a royal commission.

19 Dec 2017

bluenotes debate: collaboration, the key to thriving communities

John Thwaites | Chair, Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Our panel of business and community leaders discuss the role of cross-sector partnerships in responding to society’s most-complex social and environmental challenges.

14 Dec 2017

Leaders: get a growth culture

Adam Canwell | Global Leader, Leadership Consulting, EY

Developing a culture which supports growth is a strategic imperative for businesses.

13 Dec 2017

Summer content stocking: Elliott, Gonski, Dwyer

Shayne Elliott, David Gonski, Paula Dwyer & more | ANZ senior executives

Why limit your Summer to-do list to paperbacks? Enjoy some digital holiday recommendations from ANZ execs.

13 Dec 2017

Content stocking: read, watch, listen

Shayne Elliott, Maile Carnegie, Richard Yetsenga & more | ANZ senior executives

Why limit your Summer to-do list to paperbacks? Enjoy some digital holiday recommendations from ANZ execs.

06 Dec 2017

PODCAST: the gap between boards and cyber risk

Paul Burrow | Security Capability Uplift Manager, ANZ

Boards are told more about cyber risk than ever before, McAfee exec says – but do they understand it?

24 Nov 2017

Testing, learning and finding your skateboard

Christian Venter & Katrina Kolt | New Ways of Working Technology Transformation Lead & Enterprise Agile Coach, ANZ

How do you teach a company the size of a small nation a new way to operate?

17 Nov 2017

blueprints: knowledge is power

Thomas Hounslow | bluenotes contributor

The wealthiest countries are often not the smartest, this interactive infographic shows.

14 Nov 2017

Directors & governance in a time of concern

Diane Smith-Gander | Non-executive Director

Businesses – and directors – need to move purposefully and carefully in the modern marketplace.

02 Nov 2017

The best lessons don’t always come from the top

Andrew Palmer | Head of FIG Australia, ANZ

Helping communities thrive can help put professional achievements into perspective.

24 Oct 2017

What makes up a good board?

Diane Smith-Gander | Non-executive Director

Directors need to contemplate a company’s next big step, beyond the scope of the present strategy.

02 Oct 2017

Leaders, bring out your audacity

Dr Alicia Fortinberry | Writer, speaker and best-selling co-author.

Developing a learning and growth mindset in yourself and others in times of uncertainty requires stepping outside your comfort zone.

21 Sep 2017

Seven steps to smooth CEO switches for start-ups

Tony Rossano | Senior client partner and head of Global Technology Markets Practice at Korn Ferry Asia Pacific

CEO succession in start-ups is markedly different from anywhere else.