BlueNotes' best of 2015

It's been a big year for ANZ BlueNotes in 2015 as we continue to strike to provide you with the best content at our disposal.

To celebrate the holiday period, we've collected our best stories from each of our topic pillars as decided by you, our readers. Enjoy, and happy holidays from the entire BlueNotes team.

"We've collected our best stories from each of our topic pillars as decided by you, our readers."
Andrew Cornell, Managing Editor


China worries overblown: Smith

Speaking on video, ANZ CEO Mike Smith tells Mark Skulley why the bank's exposure to China means it is strongly positioned and why concerns over the health of the world's engine room for economic growth are over blown.


Six things Europe's best banks do

After a tour of some of the biggest lenders in Europe, incoming ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott came away with six key talking points banks around the world should be thinking about.


China is hardly waning but ASEAN is the Next Horizon

In the next decade ASEAN replace China as the world's manufacturing hub while urbanisation and the middle class will surge. Andrew Géczy looks at how Australia and NZ can take advantage of the new world.


The four big shifts redefining business

Business needs to take quantum leaps rather than small jumps to take advantage of the forces reshaping the corporate world. ANZ CEO Mike Smith shares his insights into the next business revolution.


A dressing down for dress down Friday

Whatever the intentions behind this regrettable advent, Casual Fridays have degenerated into a rush to the bottom drawer and an appalling breach of good taste. Productivity is a victim, Leo D'Angelo Fisher argues. You can read the alternative view here.


The long shadow

A good work/family balance is essential but what is also important is giving oneself permission to succeed, Jo Mikleus writes. It's good to be able to share work pride and success with those you love most.


ANZ style and tactics will change, Asia presence won't

Incoming ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott tells BlueNotes on video there will be a shift in how the bank operates under his watch but that means a change in tactics and focus, not a change in overall strategy.


Five ways services can be Australia's job future

With the right support, services can become Australia's number-one export to Asia by 2030, Mark Whelan argues, supporting a million Australian jobs in the process.

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11 Dec 2015

BlueNotes debate: social media vs the hierarchy

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

BlueNotes Debates brings together important voices across the business, economic and social spectrum to thrash out crucial issues of the day. In our latest debate, we pitted experienced executives and social media experts against each other to discover whether the world of social media is upending the C-Suite.

15 Dec 2015

Summer reads: a banker's dozen

Leigh Cohen | BlueNotes contributing editor

Nothing says summer like a good book. As we hurtle toward the holiday period, ANZ board members and executives have shared their top reads with BlueNotes.

24 Nov 2015

Dress Down Friday dresses up productivity

Marcia Levinstock | Founder and Managing Editor of Content, Primary Ideas

As my toes wriggle contently in their (Italian, designer) leather sandals, freed from the shackles of sky-high Tom Ford pumps, I praise Casual Friday.