Global Economy

19 Oct 2018

The ASEAN opportunity continues to excel

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

The scale of the ASEAN opportunity is still often underestimated by Australian business.

12 Oct 2018

Slim Secret’s secrets to China

Mark Hand | Group Executive, Australia Business and Private Bank, ANZ

Australian health snack brand Slim Secrets made it big by helping Chinese consumers stay small.

11 Oct 2018

Down, down, sentiment is down

Daniel Gradwell | Senior Economist, ANZ

Sentiment in the residential property segment has fallen to the lowest level since 2012.

11 Oct 2018

New world order: stuck in the middle with Trump

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

The US-China trade war will not be good for Australia – particularly the agribusiness sector.

10 Oct 2018

The quick (and the rest) in treasury

Farhan Faruqui | Group Executive International, ANZ

The rapidly evolving financial landscape is ensuring the shift from operational treasury to strategic treasury is virtually complete.

04 Oct 2018

NZ households: building buffers but still vulnerable

Liz Kendall | Senior New Zealand Economist at ANZ

Since 2008, household debt in NZ has remained elevated. But households have been building their equity buffers.

04 Oct 2018

Construction concern

Daniel Gradwell and Joanne Masters | Senior Economists at ANZ Research

Housing work under construction will support the market in the near term but the outlook for 2020 is darker.

04 Oct 2018

What does success look like in housing policy?

Joanne Masters & Richard Yetsenga | Senior Economist & Chief Economist, ANZ

Improving housing affordability is important but not everyone will (or should) own a home. Choice is an overlooked factor in the debate.

02 Oct 2018

NZ’s productivity problem

Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

NZ businesses are being urged to invest in innovation to boost their productivity.

02 Oct 2018

The opportunities of Malaysia’s nation building

Brett Stevens | Commissioner for Victoria to Southeast Asia

Malaysia’s political shakeup highlights Southeast Asia infrastructure opportunities.

02 Oct 2018

Housing is weak but it won’t last forever

Daniel Gradwell and Joanne Masters | Senior Economists at ANZ Research

It’s tough out there but the outlook for eventual stabilisation remains on track, ANZ Research suggests.

01 Oct 2018

There’s more to China than Beijing

Nick Henderson | Director, Asialink Business’ China Practice

China’s second-tier urban centres may be ‘smaller’ by China’s standards but have markets larger than some countries.

24 Sep 2018

How to cut the red tape hurting super savers

Kevin Davis & Rodney Maddock | Professors, Australian Centre for Financial Studies, Monash University

The unintended consequences of bank regulation unnecessarily short-changes super savers – but there’s a relatively low-cost fix.

21 Sep 2018

LONGREAD: the silicon Silk Road

Farhan Faruqui | Group Executive International, ANZ

Globalisation and changing demographics are fundamentally transforming the structure of trade.

19 Sep 2018

It could have been worse

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

The global economy survived a crisis, Australia dodged a recession, Wall St bankers were bailed out. Not everyone was happy with the response but what else should have been done?

13 Sep 2018

The other side of the infrastructure boom

Daniel Gradwell | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australia’s $120bn in construction projects a boon for the economy but rising cost pressures a real risk.