Global Economy

21 Feb 2024

Taking a responsible approach to investing

Helen Skinner | Head of Responsible Investment, ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited

Getting responsible investing right is often a dialogue. This is how to get the conversation started.

19 Feb 2024

The euro has weathered the economic storm

Brian Martin | Senior International Economist, ANZ

This year marks the 25th year of the European Union’s currency. Has it aged like a fine French wine? Or is it hitting a quarter-life crisis?

13 Feb 2024

Tightening the belt on fashion

Adelaide Timbrell & Madeline Dunk | Senior Economist & Economist, ANZ

The normal post-holidays spending lull is back, but ANZ data also shows weaker spending on non-food retail such as electronics and fashion.

12 Feb 2024

What’s love got to do with it?

Sweta Mehra | Managing Director, Everyday Banking, ANZ

How have we changed our Valentines spending habits since Covid lockdowns? New ANZ data reveals how some of us celebrate romance.

08 Feb 2024

India: Embracing potential

Dhiraj Nim & Sanjay Mathur | Foreign Exchange Strategist & Chief Economist Southeast Asia + India, ANZ

India’s budget chose prudence over populism, embracing the nation’s newfound economic potential. Here are the top five takeaways.

24 Jan 2024

From volatility comes market opportunity

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Private

With no shortage of potentially volatile events, 2024 could also provide no shortage of opportunities.

11 Dec 2023

In Charts: Australia’s Black Friday spending splash

Adelaide Timbrell & Madeline Dunk | Senior Economist & Economist, ANZ

Australians upped their Black Friday spending – but what did they splash out on? And what was the popular category they spent less on this year?

05 Dec 2023

A strong legacy and bright future in Vietnam

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

Vietnam is on the precipice of its global economic moment. For 30 years ANZ has backed this growth and the relationship is set to strengthen.

20 Nov 2023

Solutions for social and affordable housing

Kevin Corbally | Chief Risk Officer, ANZ

Australia needs to boost supply of housing for its most needy, ANZ is helping deliver some new and innovative solutions.

13 Nov 2023

Elliott: record result driven by all divisions

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ delivered its highest ever revenue and cash profit amid a record full year result for 2023, driven by consistent performances across all divisions.

13 Nov 2023

FULL COVERAGE: ANZ’s 2023 full year result

All the details of ANZ’s 2023 full year result and one easy-to-read infographic.

13 Nov 2023

Faruqui: diversified revenue delivers amid volatility

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ’s Chief Financial Officer says the bank’s investment in diversified income streams paid off in a year of global uncertainty and volatility.

23 Oct 2023

From Australia to the world

Mark Whelan | Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

How can Australia reduce frictions in trade flows so the entire economy can benefit from a new era of trade?

16 Oct 2023

Delicate touchdown?

Adam Boyton | Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

The Australian economic runway seems prepared for a soft landing – what can go wrong from here?

13 Oct 2023

In Charts: consumer confidence lifts to seven-month high

Adelaide Timbrell & Arindam Chakraborty | Senior Economist, ANZ & Economist, ANZ Institutional

The ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence index is trending up. Consumer confidence rose 1.9 points last week amid continued reports of cost of living pressures.

09 Oct 2023

A most unusual year for investors

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Private

Is this time different? Will rate hikes not quell investor appetites? Maybe, but things could also be playing out to a timeline investors aren’t used to.