Global Economy

26 May 2017

Five key factors in the energy outlook

Daniel Hynes | Senior Commodity Strategist, ANZ

It may seem chaotic but big themes are emerging coal and energy markets.

23 May 2017

Under the hood of China’s AUM opportunity

Tim Moloney | Global Head, FX Investor Sales, ANZ

China’s asset-management sector expanded sixfold from 2012 to end 2016. The opportunity is massive and growing fast.

23 May 2017

What’s powering the lithium boom?

Helen Clark | Freelance journalist & former Asian correspondent

Some $A500 million in Chinese investment has seen a sevenfold increase in lithium mines in WA.

19 May 2017

Building regional Australia - post Budget2017

Simone Stella | BlueNotes contributing editor

Jack Archer and Christine Linden sit down to dissect the emerging implications of the federal budget for regional Australia.

10 May 2017

Budget2017: growth ambition

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

The federal budget tries to balance spending with a creative search for revenue.

10 May 2017

Australian Commonwealth Budget 2017-18

BlueNotes contributors |

Australia's Commonwealth Budget has been unveiled, with a focus on security, fairness and opportunity.

04 May 2017

China’s services transformation

Raymond Yeung, Kaushik Baidya & Kanika Bhatnagar | Chief Economist, Greater China, Economist & Junior economist at ANZ

China’s transformation into a services-led economy continues. In the first quarter of 2017 China reported stronger-than-expected headline gross domestic product data of 6.9 per cent.

04 May 2017

The Fed, perception and reality

Mark Rider | Head of Investment Strategy & Portfolio Management, ANZ

When the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates we assume that means tighter financial conditions leading to a slower economy and knock-on impacts to the share market. However, reality is not quite that simple.

03 May 2017

The not-so-simple housing story

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

In her excellent and challenging book Happiness for All, Carol Graham uses the analogy of being stuck in traffic, with the lane next to you moving and yours not.

03 May 2017

Building a better future for Aus manufacturing

Christine Linden | General Manager, Regional Business Banking, ANZ Australia

Australia’s modern manufacturing sector carries with it an international reputation for quality and innovation.

02 May 2017

Aus budget 2017: what to expect

Cherelle Murphy | Co-Head of Australian Economics ANZ

May’s Australian federal budget is being cast as one which will boost infrastructure spending and address ‘fairness’ including through housing affordability and university fee arrangements.

01 May 2017

Australia’s changing investment orientation

Greg Earl | Ex-Japan Correspondent & Pacific Editor, AFR & Former Member of the Australia Japan Foundation board

Australian investors had a little-appreciated coming-out party just over a year ago when they decided for the first time to put more of their money into South East Asia than New Zealand.

26 Apr 2017

The prognosis for Australia’s challenged GP sector

Francesca Rizzo | BlueNotes contributing editor

Australia's health sector is grappling with a variety of challenges including an ageing population and growing burden of chronic disease.

26 Apr 2017

Vanuatu’s rocky road to prosperity

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

From one of Port Vila’s ritziest streets, the address of consulates, local rich-listers and senior multi-national executives, the views out over the stunning blue Erakor Lagoon are spectacular. But the road to get to these residences is spectacular for all the wrong reasons: its potholes are so huge, ubiquitous and unavoidable anything less than a 4WD would be foolhardy.

24 Apr 2017

LONGREAD: overview of the Japanese pension fund market

Brett Cooper | Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade

For more than half a century Japan has maintained a reputation as one of the world’s leading exporters of the highest quality manufactured products. But it also maintains a strong competitive advantage in another sector: capital.

21 Apr 2017


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