Australian Commonwealth Budget 2016-17: the balancing act

Australia's Commonwealth Budget has been unveiled, with a focus on setting the economic agenda, reducing the company tax burden and structural challenges.

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" Monetary policy’s ability to generate growth and inflation is more questionable than ever."
Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist, ANZ

Below BlueNotes, along with ANZ Research, presents its comprehensive coverage of the event, including video, graphics, animation, insights and analysis. 


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With monetary policy approaching its limits, has the budget done enough for the economy?

Chief Economist, ANZ

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We lay out the key points of this year’s budget in an informative, easy to read graphic.

Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

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ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga shares the key takeaways from the Australian Commonwealth Budget on video.

Senior Economist, ANZ

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This short video outlines the finer details and key beneficiaries of the budget.

Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

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Stateometer: NSW continues to outperform

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The New South Wales and Victoria economies continued to grow at above trend rates in February, with NSW outperforming. While momentum appears to have eased in the two largest economies, this is not surprising as it follows a strong second half of 2015.