15 Nov 2017

Data vs the war stories in China

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

There’s always talk of failures in China, but the data suggest its appetite for foreign business will only grow – and quickly.

15 Nov 2017

Stars are aligning for Singapore growth

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

A long-awaited pick-up in business investment should sustain Singapore’s export momentum into 2018.

14 Nov 2017

Megatrends: the next 10 years vs last 50, Pt 2

Damien Klassen | Head of Investments at Nucleus Wealth

The long-term trends which carried markets over the last 50 years are ending.

13 Nov 2017

The China question

Philipp Ivanov | Chief Executive Officer, Asia Society Australia

Can China effectively pursue a political tightening agenda while implementing ambitious reform?

09 Nov 2017

Aus household debt continues to outrun income

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

Ultimately, higher interest rates will be required to bring household debt growth in line with income growth.

08 Nov 2017

New world order: the APEC paradox

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

November’s APEC forum will be the first featuring an American President seemingly out of step with its founding principles.

23 Oct 2017

Megatrends: the next 10 years vs last 50, Pt 1

Damien Klassen | Head of Investments at Nucleus Wealth

A look at the relentless demographic and structural undercurrents which will drive markets in the future.

20 Oct 2017

Navigating the gig economy

Dr Wesley McClendon | Global HR executive, thought leader and executive director, McClendon Research Group, Inc (MRG)

The war for talent isn’t over- the talented have just left the building.

19 Oct 2017

The size of the Asian opportunity has doubled

Mark Hand | Managing Director Corporate & Commercial Banking, ANZ

The size of the Asian opportunity for Australian businesses has doubled in the last 12 months to $A278 billion.

18 Oct 2017

LONGREAD: China’s green shift and how Australia should respond

John A Mathews | Professor of strategy at MGSM, Macquarie University

China has adopted a new energy strategy with determination and ambition. Australia needs to position itself strategically.

16 Oct 2017

Kiribati’s story on the front lines

Mark Skulley | Freelance journalist

Kiribati's growth comes as the nation stares down the spectre of climate change.

13 Oct 2017

Scope for growth in NZ, ASEAN trade

Khoon Goh | Head of Asia Research, ANZ

NZ trade with ASEAN is growing but there are several potential areas it can be enhanced.