18 May 2023

Banking Crises: size doesn’t matter

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Maintaining a vigilant and adaptable regulatory framework is essential as we enter a world where bank runs can be nearly instantaneous and small banks can have big repercussions.

14 Apr 2023

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Head of Investment Strategy, Private Banking & Advice, ANZ

Banking crises and financial stability are dominating headlines, following the sharpest rate tightening cycle in decades. Despite the calamity, inflation remains the key issue for policy makers.

05 Apr 2023

Japan and Australia: partners in decarbonisation and energy security

Ian Williams, Damien Roberts and Edward Watson | Senior Adviser, Partner & Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills

Japan and Australia’s already strong relationship has undergone a “step-change” in the past 18 months. They are now becoming trusted partners in decarbonisation and energy security.

28 Mar 2023

Infographic: Queensland – the state of the future

Camila Salazar | Content Producer, ANZ

Queensland has the opportunity to accelerate its already strong economic growth. Targeted investment can capitalise on a new economy.

28 Mar 2023

Elliott: Queensland's road to greater prosperity

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

Strategic investment and focus on emerging sectors can bring the Sunshine State additional economic growth.

28 Mar 2023

Economic report: The future of Queensland’s economy

Gene Tunny | Director Adept Economics

Queensland has a great opportunity to accelerate its very strong economic growth. Download the full Queensland: Future state report by Adept Economics.

28 Mar 2023

Queensland: robust growth over the long-term, now and in the future

Gene Tunny | Director Adept Economics

15 Mar 2023

When the liquidity tide goes out – gradually, then suddenly

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

09 Mar 2023

India arrives at a new dawn

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

Predictions of India’s economic ascendency have abounded for years – and it may be about to fulfill that promise.

06 Mar 2023

The orange bond: investing in women

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

The orange bond helps investors support underserved sections of the economy – like supporting women towards more sustainable and climate-resistant livelihoods.

01 Mar 2023

Inflationary risks from Cyclone Gabrielle’s misery

Sharon Zollner | Chief Economist New Zealand, ANZ

The impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand are stacking up. They could propel inflation.

28 Feb 2023

Will the fixed rate roll-off cause a recession or will low unemployment save the day?

Adelaide Timbrell | Senior Economist, ANZ

Higher interest rates mean mortgages are more expensive; many fear a recession. But the low unemployment rate and strong demand for workers brings hope to economists.