The biggest economic threats looming in 2015

Geopolitical instability is the biggest threat to the world economy in 2015, according to ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan. Hogan warns the recovery in the US economy must live up to expectations if the world is to improve.

The biggest economic threats looming in 2015

Speaking exclusively to ANZ bluenotes on video, Hogan argues governments and regulators around the world must stay committed to reform while operating as a global community.

"Certain advanced economies have economic weaknesses."
Warren Hogan, ANZ Chief Economist

“There’s still a lot of change going on in the world, particularly in relation to emerging economies and the softness in advanced economies,” he says. 

“Certain advanced economies have economic weaknesses which are generating unemployment and youth unemployment and social stresses that can all at any time maybe show up as some sort of political problem.”  

He also says pockets of financial stress in China are risk factors for Australia and New Zealand. Watch the video above to find out more.

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