22 Oct 2020

Here comes the rain again

Daniel Hynes & Soni Kumari | Senior Commodities Analyst & Commodities Strategist, ANZ

An incoming La Niña weather system could have a sizeable impact on supply and demand across a range of commodities.

14 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: expected impact, in charts

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Has the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget gone far enough to encourage spending in a post-COVID economy?

09 Oct 2020

In charts: being COVID-free isn’t everything

Sharon Zollner | Chief Economist New Zealand, ANZ

New Zealand Chief Economist, Sharon Zollner provides the data on how the land of the long white cloud is making its way to a COVID normal.

07 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: the biggest wins for business

Jenefer Stewart | General Manager Business Banking, ANZ

Policy announcements on skills, regional investment, depreciation and tax changes will help steady an Australian business community which has struggled through the crisis.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: the new era of fiscal leadership

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

Speaking on video, the ANZ Chief Economist scores the Federal Budget on three fronts.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: in pictures - 2020 vision

David Plank | Head of Australian Economics at ANZ

See the key announcements for the 2020-2021 Australian Federal Budget in this infographic.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: spend, business, spend

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australia’s 2020-21 Federal Budget was designed to get the private sector spending again.

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: engineering a recovery

Cherelle Murphy | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australian Federal Budget prioritises a private sector recovery, with fiscal conservatism tossed aside.

06 Oct 2020

The new fiscal reality

Richard Yetsenga | ANZ chief economist

The modern fiscal world is radically different from any before it. What does the mean for the post-COVID recovery?

06 Oct 2020

Budget 2020: full coverage

bluenotes contributors |

bluenotes presents comprehensive coverage of the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget.

29 Sep 2020

Central Banks get cryptic

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

As global interest rates crater and COVID-19 recessions metastasise, central banks are being forced to re-evaluate their role in currency and money creation.

25 Sep 2020

On the cusp of a second wave

Brian Martin | Senior International Economist, ANZ

Comprehensive, localised restrictions are needed for Europe and the UK to recover quickly from a new wave of COVID-19 cases.