27 Sep 2022

Emerging Economics Series: Where to now for Australian housing?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

It is an inflexion point for Australian residential property with the first sustained rising interest rates cycle in nearly two decades. What does it mean for home owners and renters?

26 Aug 2022

Economic shorts: Inflation insights

Catherine Birch | Senior Economist, ANZ

Strong demand and supply constraints are key drivers of inflation in Australia

09 Aug 2022

New Zealand’s economy: on the edge

Miles Workman | Senior NZ Economist, ANZ

As central banks grapple with inflation and labour shortfalls, New Zealand’s economy will be hoping for a boost from exports and unemployment

05 Aug 2022

Economic shorts: The Labour Force Redeploys

Catherine Birch | Senior Economist, ANZ

While inflation is on the rise a strong labour market may insulate the Australian economy from a sharp deterioration.

04 Aug 2022

Higher Rates and inflation: ending Australia’s decade in the economic doldrums

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

With the Reserve Bank of Australia hiking interest rates, how much of those increases will be permanent?

22 Jul 2022

The checkout: tracking Aussie food prices

Madeleine Swan | Director of FBA Insights, ANZ

Australian food bills have increased by more than many other developed countries because of the country’s status as a major food exporter to booming Asian economies.

10 Jun 2022

Global food stocks consumed by shortage

Soni Kumari & Susan Kilsby | Commodity Strategist & Agriculture Economist, ANZ

A perfect storm of issues is leading to increased food insecurity. And this global crisis will get worse.

26 May 2022

IN CHARTS: construction delays don’t impact demand

Adelaide Timbrell | Senior Economist, ANZ

Australia’s construction industry fell behind in the first quarter of 2022. But it wasn’t from a lack of demand.

23 May 2022

Election aftermath: a new era of policy

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga examines the issues that will dominate the economic agenda post-election.

20 May 2022

Kiwi economy: tougher times ahead?

Miles Workman | Senior NZ Economist, ANZ

New Zealand, like many nations globally, is facing into a very different economic environment for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

19 May 2022

Stateometer: trade drives momentum

Bansi Madhavani | Senior Economist, ANZ

Sharp increase in trade drove economic momentum in the first quarter, the ANZ Stateometer shows, despite a slew of challenges.

02 May 2022

Economic shorts: watching rates, inflation

Adelaide Timbrell & Catherine Birch | Senior Economists, ANZ

There is a lot of focus on inflation and cash rates in Australia today – and there will be more. But what happens when they move and how does it impact the economy?