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Rod Clement is a well-known author, illustrator and cartoonist. He joins BlueNotes after an illustrious career at The Australian Financial Review

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editor's picks

29 Mar 2017

Inflation, not employment, now guides RBA on rates

David Plank & Giulia Lavinia Specchia | Head of Australian Economics & Economist, ANZ

A demand for increased duration, diversification and the rise of Asian liquidity are the biggest factors facing Australia’s capital markets sector as we head into the middle of 2017, according to the co-heads of capital markets at ANZ.

28 Mar 2017

Regional Aus: ready for the Asian trade horizon

Christine Linden | General Manager, Regional Business Banking, ANZ Australia

Agriculture has long been a cornerstone of Australia’s economy. As the sector again surges - or “saves our economic bacon” - after 28 per cent growth in 2016 and high expectations for 2017, we’re again reminded of its key place in our economic mix.

20 Mar 2017

Economics: too dismal for women?

Luci Ellis | Assistant Governor (Economic), RBA

Unfortunately both in general and for female students, economics is not exactly popular in Australia.