Business & Finance

26 Sep 2022

Old habits or the new normal?

Antonia Watson | ANZ Group Executive and CEO, New Zealand

As New Zealand businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, what trends will have changed for good?

15 Sep 2022

A path forward to open banking

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

The benefits of open banking will become increasingly clear as retail and institutional customers begin to participate in the system.

13 Sep 2022

What's the role of cash in financial inclusion?

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

With cash usage dropping around the globe how can we ensure this doesn’t lead to financial exclusion for some in the community?

12 Sep 2022

The ESG opportunity: poised for long-term success

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

As the ESG sector continues to evolve, ANZ has aligned its purpose, strategy and ESG priorities to capitalise on the next phase of growth.

09 Sep 2022

Impact investing prepares for its revolution

Dan Simpson | Head of Impact Investing, ANZ Private Banking

Impact investing may help solve some of the biggest challenges the world faces. And the investment community is finally coming around to the scale of the opportunity.

02 Sep 2022

Twitter values our time. Can it value our dollar?

Somayeh Shiri | Data Scientist, ANZ Institutional

While many question the value of social media, a new tool using Tweets may help forecast movements in the Australian dollar.

02 Sep 2022

Housing affordability improves slightly but not all buyers will benefit

Felicity Emmett & Eliza Owen | Senior Economist, ANZ & Head of Australian Research, CoreLogic

Falling house prices have made things easier for some buyers but rising living costs will continue to stymy many getting a foot in the market.

22 Aug 2022

Australia’s infrastructure opportunity still to peak

Catherine Birch | Senior Economist, ANZ

Supply constrains and COVID-19 disruptions mean Australia’s major projects sector will not peak for at least a few years.

19 Aug 2022

eInvoicing – and three ways it helps SMEs

Adil Farouk | Group Procurement Operations, Performance & Insights Lead, ANZ

Small businesses around Australia are dropping the traditional invoice – and the PDF – and moving toward a modern and effective solution.

17 Aug 2022

Natural capital: the investment value of the world around us

Christina Tonkin | Managing Director of Corporate Finance ANZ Institutional

As businesses grapple with how to value their natural capital assets, the need for more voices and agreed standards is becoming increasingly vital.

11 Aug 2022

Sustainable finance continues to evolve

Dean Spicer | NZ Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ

As more investment capital is focused towards making business environmentally sustainable, financial organisations must adapt to change the seize the opportunity.

11 Jul 2022

Ferguson: murky economics to be ongoing

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Hopes for a quick resolution to conditions battering global markets may be misplaced, according to author and historian Niall Ferguson.

08 Jul 2022

Aus economy: strong spending at sales, cinemas

Madeline Dunk & David Plank | Economist & Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

End of financial year sales and big-ticket movies drove a solid month of spending in June despite cost of living pressures continuing to bite.

04 Jul 2022

Q&A: sustainable finance bears fruit

Bronwyn Corbet | Executive Director Sustainable Finance, ANZ

Both ANZ and BP are committed to the global transition to net-zero carbon. Two senior leaders sit down to discuss the pathway forward.

28 Jun 2022

Seeding a stronger future in bonds

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Following a cycle of volatility, bonds and loan markets are settling into a slightly slower - but still compelling - 2022.

24 Jun 2022

Financing a greener economy

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Even amid volatility on global markets, the focus on sustainable finance remains high as investors become more educated and demanding on green issues.