Business & Finance

17 Jan 2022

Banking on accelerated business models

Alex Trott | Banking Lead, Accenture Australia and New Zealand

Simplified value chains and non-linear business models create opportunities for better banking.

14 Jan 2022

Supporting female-led SMEs when they need it the most

Amit Khan | Global Head SME & Commercial Banking, RFI Global

Banks have an opportunity to lean in and support female-led business through the post-pandemic recovery.

23 Nov 2021

COP26: time to walk the talk

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

Businesses and governments may have formed a plan for a sustainable future at the recent COP26 conference. Now they need to deliver on the plan.

19 Nov 2021

Back in black: spending surges at sales

Adelaide Timbrell | Senior Economist, ANZ

American-style pre-Christmas sales are driving spending in Australia and encouraging a strong economic reopening.

16 Nov 2021

Gillard: turbocharging a more equal future

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Former Australian Prime Minister says the pandemic should be an opportunity for businesses learn and do more to combat inequality in the workplace.

15 Nov 2021

Balancing risks in marketing

Philip Hardy & Gwladys Tedga | Risk Advisory Partner & Director, Ashurst

Marketing is a powerful tool for good when businesses deploy it responsibly and with purpose.

12 Nov 2021

Central banks and the occult: talers from the crypto

James Culham | Executive Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

As regulators consider policies around digital currencies, what may be some of the unintended consequences?

01 Nov 2021

Data and digitisation: the best friend of businesses seeking certainty

Paul Presland | General Manager of Small Business Banking, ANZ

ANZ is using new digital technologies to provide rapid support to business customers.

22 Oct 2021

PODCAST: the strategic role of CFOs

Farhan Faruqui | CFO, ANZ

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott and CFO Farhan Faruqui discuss the changing nature of the relationship between the two roles as Faruqui takes up the position.

21 Oct 2021

Uncovering the hidden costs of M&A

Con Boulougouris & Simon Lewis | Partner for M&A & Partner for Technology Consulting, MinterEllison

As the financial services sector faces a wave of M&A activity, organisations need to be aware of the hidden costs that technology can present.

18 Oct 2021

Net-zero drives opportunity, investment

Sharon Klyne | bluenotes contributor

A trillion-dollar opportunity is up for grabs for both government and private sector industries investing in the net-zero economy.

15 Oct 2021

PODCAST: how will housing market perform post-pandemic?

Michael Wake | General Manager for New South Wales and the ACT

COVID-19 created a unique type of recession. This is what it means for economic recovery and the fortunes of Australia’s housing market.

07 Oct 2021

Broken links in global supply chains

Robert Law | Director of Advisory & Insights, Asialink Business

The pandemic has made supply chain shortages a popular household topic in communities around Australia and globally.

06 Oct 2021

Sibos 2021: platforming a better customer experience

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

Interacting with – and learning from – global experts in payments and clearing allows ANZ to offer an enhanced proposition to customers.

01 Oct 2021

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not

Danielle Darbyshire | Journey Expert for Talent Pipelines, ANZ

The technology industry has an opportunity to bridge the gap between female participation and talent shortage to create a better balanced future.

29 Sep 2021

DeFi-ing traditional finance

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

The global financial system is facing the next phase of the digital revolution – decentralised finance.