ANZ’s expertise can help the Pacific: Mohan

The CEO of ANZ’s operations in the Pacific Vishnu Mohan says ANZ’s regional development agreement with the Australian government is an opportunity for the bank to use its expertise to better the region.

ANZ's expertise can help the Pacific: Mohan

ANZ has entered a partnership with the Australian government to support growth and sustainable development in the Pacific. The deal was announced by Mike Smith and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at ANZ headquarters in Melbourne.

"It’s very important we help bank the unbanked across all the Pacific countries."
Vishnu Mohan, CEO ANZ Pacific

Mohan says up to 80 per cent of people in the Pacific have no access to banking.

“It’s very important we help bank the unbanked across all the Pacific countries,” Mohan says. “If you look at how the Pacific is evolving, the real development is going to come from infrastructure development, which is roads, airports, ports, you name it. “

“Clearly, infrastructure is one of [ANZ’s] expertise. We excel in financing infrastructure building across the group. There is an opportunity for financial institutions to get involved with commercial financing and adding expertise. It’s an opportunity for us.”

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