07 May 2019

Modern Monetary Theory: crock or insight?

James Culham | Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

The debate over MMT has hit the mainstream – so is it really that bad (or good)?

01 May 2019


bluenotes contributors |

The complete story of ANZ’s 2019 half-year result in one place.

01 May 2019

In pictures: ANZ’s 2019 half-year result

Melissa Currie | Visual Production Editor, bluenotes

All the highlights of ANZ’s interim earnings in an easy-to-digest infographic.

01 May 2019

Jablko: benefits of staying disciplined

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Driving a better outcome for shareholders is key to capital allocation, says ANZ’s CFO.

01 May 2019

Elliott: optimistic in tough conditions

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

CEO says ANZ is managing well through transformation and a tricky environment.

30 Apr 2019

Bank to the future

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

As more and more competitors enter the arena, will traditional banks step up or do they – wrongly – fear competition?

29 Apr 2019

Can fintech keep up the pace?

Alex Trott | Banking Lead, Accenture Australia and New Zealand

The fintech market might be booming but can these nimble companies keep up with big corporates?

23 Apr 2019

Using the right payments funnel

John Collins | Payments & Merchants Lead, ANZ

Businesses are being empowered to choose how their tap-and-go payments are processed, says ANZ’s Payments and Merchants Lead.

17 Apr 2019

Five years of bluenotes; that’s not all we’ve got…

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Since launching five years ago, bluenotes – and our audience – has changed. We’re still striving to adapt and deliver engaging content.

08 Apr 2019

A leaner, sharper & more agile institutional bank

Mark Whelan | Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

ANZ’s Whelan on the rebuilding of ANZ Institutional and the emerging opportunities for a fit-for-purpose business.

02 Apr 2019

Who’s holding the digital purse strings?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Tech companies are developing their own credit cards, payments platforms and wallets to store them in – but what do consumers want?

25 Mar 2019

Creating and destroying money

James Culham | Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

Do banks just create unlimited amounts of money out of thin air?