25 Nov 2020

Regulators, central banks, investors stand firm on climate goals

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Even if the COVID-19 crisis abates across the globe, a climate storm is gathering for the financial services industry.

23 Nov 2020

Aus banking plays the waiting game

Tim Dring | Oceania Banking & Capital Markets leader, EY

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be felt by the Australian banking industry.

13 Nov 2020

Conduct and culture in the COVID era

Anna Bligh | Chief Executive, Australian Banking Association

Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, Australia’s banks responded in lock step for the benefit of all customers and the economy.

12 Nov 2020

Preparing for the fraud pandemic

Carol Chris | Regional General Manager Australia, GBG

Digital acceleration has pushed financial institutions to re-evaluate the resilience of their fraud management strategies.

30 Oct 2020

Treating an economic heart attack

James Culham | Director, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

A “Minsky moment” is occurring in economies where restricted cash flows are triggering a domino effect of missed payments.

29 Oct 2020

Managing customers and risk through acute change

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ risk management robust, anticipates ongoing uncertainty while customer support drives recovery.

29 Oct 2020

Jablko: maintaining a strong position through uncertainty

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Efficient management of capital, risk and costs allowed the bank to maintain a strong balance sheet through the crisis, says ANZ CFO.

29 Oct 2020

Elliott: focusing on the future

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

CEO says the bank has been well protected through COVID-19 and is now looking to future investment opportunities.

29 Oct 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: ANZ’s 2020 full-year result

Melissa Currie | Creative Content Producer, bluenotes

Find all the details of ANZ’s 2020 annual result in an easy-to-read infographic.

29 Oct 2020

FULL COVERAGE: ANZ’s 2020 annual result

bluenotes contributors |

Everything you need to know about ANZ’s 2020 full-year result in one place.

27 Oct 2020

Aus fintech maintains momentum amid crisis

Meredith Angwin | Financial Services Partner & Fintech Advisor, EY

While 2020 has been a challenging year on many fronts, fintech founders are generally still feeling optimistic about the future of the local sector.

21 Oct 2020

Credit contagion in a time of COVID-19

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Are measures designed to support business through the crisis sandbagging the credit cycle?