14 Sep 2023

The next frontier for digital assets

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

Central bank digital currencies will change the way banking works. And we’ve only just begun to understand their potential to transform payments.

11 Sep 2023

A digital backbone for our global network

Mark Whelan | Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

A lot can change in seven years. Simplification, investing in technology, developing growth businesses and staying close to what customers need has helped ANZ’s Institutional business transform over that time.

29 Aug 2023

China’s mortgage risk

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

If property values drop 30 per cent in China, 12 per cent of the country’s mortgage book will be in negative equity. If the price drops by half, that figure rises to 51 per cent.

03 Aug 2023

Stoking the engine room of the Australian economy

Brett Foley | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Australian businesses are crucial to the prosperity of the Australian economy. Enabling them to be more successful is the focus of ANZ’s new head of Australia Commercial, Clare Morgan.

19 Jul 2023

The cut and thrust of fairness in banking

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

Evelyn Halls has a unique background in financial services and sport – two worlds that have more in common than you might think.

17 Jul 2023

Is the RBA done with interest hikes?

Adam Boyton | Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

There’s still a chance the Reserve Bank of Australia could lift interest rates in August. However the case for an extended pause on further increases is growing.

13 Jul 2023

Farewell to the Editor

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

This is my final column as managing editor of bluenotes. It has been an enormously fascinating experience and bluenotes will remain a great success, produced by a wonderful team. So keep reading, keep subscribing and thanks.

29 Jun 2023

Rates down, profits down? Not as such. Rates up, profits up…?

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

Market wisdom has it banks profit when interest rates rise. Is there more to this story than simply margin inflation?

23 Jun 2023

Maintaining digital payments in an offline world

Cindy He | Manager, Industry & Innovation, ANZ Institutional

If money is going digital - and it looks like it is – we need a Plan B for when we can’t be online. ANZ has some ideas.

14 Jun 2023

The opportunity of India’s accelerating development

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

The world is finally taking notice of India and it’s economic and social trajectory. However, even a regular visitor can be taken aback by the pace and scale of the change.

08 Jun 2023

Balancing act: Australian households remain resilient

Adam Boyton | Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

Inflation and rate hikes are hitting hip pockets, but household budgets have been better managed than headlines suggest. And it means a lot for the outlook over the next 18 months.

07 Jun 2023

Household debt growth: not on the cards

Mike Ebstein | Director, MWE Consulting

Australians are said to be saddled with debt, but what sort of debt is it? While housing finance debt continues to grow, personal debt is another story.