01 Feb 2024

The cut and thrust of fairness in banking

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

ANZ Customer Fairness Advisor Evelyn Halls has received the Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division.

24 Jan 2024

From volatility comes market opportunity

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Private

With no shortage of potentially volatile events, 2024 could also provide no shortage of opportunities.

21 Dec 2023


Jill Campbell | Head of Investor Relations, ANZ

ANZ’s 2023 annual meeting was held in Brisbane. The chairman and CEO outlined the highlights and the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.

05 Dec 2023

A strong legacy and bright future in Vietnam

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

Vietnam is on the precipice of its global economic moment. For 30 years ANZ has backed this growth and the relationship is set to strengthen.

13 Nov 2023

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: ANZ's climate-related risks and opportunities

Jo Scotney | General Manager Property and Health Institutional, ANZ

Delve into the details of ANZ’s 2023 climate report with the bank’s Institutional and Risk experts to understand our performance for the year and what this means for our customers.

13 Nov 2023

FULL COVERAGE: ANZ’s 2023 full year result

All the details of ANZ’s 2023 full year result and one easy-to-read infographic.

02 Nov 2023

Why do Australians choose mortgage brokers?

Natalie Smith | General Manager, Retail Broker, ANZ

Australian home buyers love to do research and be well prepared, a broker is seen as an important part of that process.

09 Oct 2023

A most unusual year for investors

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Private

Is this time different? Will rate hikes not quell investor appetites? Maybe, but things could also be playing out to a timeline investors aren’t used to.

26 Sep 2023

The business of risk and worry

Kevin Corbally | Chief Risk Officer, ANZ

As ANZ’s Chief Risk Officer it is Kevin Corbally’s job to worry, but what he worries about might not be what you think.

14 Sep 2023

The next frontier for digital assets

Shane White | Content Manager, Institutional, ANZ

Central bank digital currencies will change the way banking works. And we’ve only just begun to understand their potential to transform payments.

11 Sep 2023

A digital backbone for our global network

Mark Whelan | Group Executive Institutional, ANZ

A lot can change in seven years. Simplification, investing in technology, developing growth businesses and staying close to what customers need has helped ANZ’s Institutional business transform over that time.

29 Aug 2023

China’s mortgage risk

Raymond Yeung | Chief Economist Greater China, ANZ

If property values drop 30 per cent in China, 12 per cent of the country’s mortgage book will be in negative equity. If the price drops by half, that figure rises to 51 per cent.