21 Jun 2018

Why NZ can be a block party

Emma Mellow | bluenotes contributor

NZ has the perfect business environment to develop blockchain tech – and reap the many rewards.

20 Jun 2018

Seeking asylum and barriers to success

Akuol Garang | Master of Human Rights law student & migration agent

Akuol’s family fled from war when she was a child, now she’s studying to become a Human Rights lawyer.

19 Jun 2018

Putting the H in HCD

Melissa Currie | Visual Production Editor, bluenotes

It’s easy to fixate on features and functionality but ultimately consumers will judge your product on how it serves them.

13 Jun 2018

LONGREAD: greener pastures in NZ

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

Can New Zealand retain its clean green reputation and maintain a successful dairy industry?

12 Jun 2018

How much longer can this go on?

Mark Rider | Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

ANZ Wealth’s CIO looks at predictions for a volatile market this quarter.

04 Jun 2018

Australian banks can lead world on sustainability

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

BoM’s Dr Karl Braganza says Australian financial services currently lag Europe in understanding, application of sustainability.

04 Jun 2018

The hardest part of going agile

Alicia Aitken & Greg Szopa | bluenotes contributors

Agile ways of working is a hot topic at the moment but organisations must be wary of the hurdles.

30 May 2018

The reforms SA business owners need

Alan Read | SA Corporate Agriculture Director, ANZ

We chat with a panel of experts on the impact of South Australia’s state budget on business conditions in the region.

29 May 2018

Elliott & Borghetti: the right way to plan your career

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

The key to success in the workplace is just being the best at what you do now, Virgin CEO John Borghetti says.

22 May 2018

How boomers are changing the landscape for small NZ towns

Briar McCormack | New Zealand editor

A retirement village in the centre of a small town could be a blueprint for boosting regional NZ.

21 May 2018

What’s holding beef back?

Jason Taylor | Regional Executive, Central Queensland, ANZ

ANZ’s Mark Bennett shares trade themes from the ground in Beef Week.

18 May 2018

Privacy, personalisation and the right to be forgotten

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Society is on high alert when it comes to personal data use, so how can organisations better play by the rules?

17 May 2018

PODCAST: we cannot be what we cannot see

Dylan Alcott | Australian Open and Paralympic tennis champion

One in five Australians has a disability - so it’s time to include them in advertising.