23 Mar 2023

EV does it

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

Ups and downs in raw material prices. National battles to become battery makers. The quest to move up the EV value chain is no flat track.

06 Mar 2023

The orange bond: investing in women

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

The orange bond helps investors support underserved sections of the economy – like supporting women towards more sustainable and climate-resistant livelihoods.

01 Mar 2023

Fighting for many happy returns

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

The barriers preventing women re-entering the workforce are stronger than ever. Here is how to fight it.

28 Feb 2023

Will the fixed rate roll-off cause a recession or will low unemployment save the day?

Adelaide Timbrell | Senior Economist, ANZ

Higher interest rates mean mortgages are more expensive; many fear a recession. But the low unemployment rate and strong demand for workers brings hope to economists.

01 Feb 2023

Kind leaders achieve greater success

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

Team Success: The new hard skills are soft

20 Jan 2023

Remaining nimble: Challenging outlook with opportunities ahead

Lakshman Anantakrishnan | Head of Investment Strategy, Private Banking & Advice, ANZ

There’s likely to be no shortage of challenges for the global economy and markets in 2023. But those challenges should bring opportunities for patient investors who know where to look.

14 Dec 2022

Get rich in three simple steps. Act now!

Marc Broome and Ruth Talalla | Senior Manager, Complex Investigations ANZ, and Scams Portfolio Lead, ANZ

Spotting the warning signs of a scam can be the best way to protect yourself from being caught out.

17 Nov 2022

Survive or thrive? The year ahead for Australia’s small to medium businesses

Jenefer Stewart | General Manager Business Banking, ANZ

While some quarters of the economy are doing it tough, the outlook for many small business customers is rosier than you might expect.

04 Nov 2022

Australian wages growth measures tell different stories. What’s going on?

Catherine Birch | Senior Economist, ANZ

As Australians struggle with inflation and the cost of living, not everyone is benefitting from higher average earnings.

27 Oct 2022

Faruqui: Strong financial and strategic outcomes

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Strong performances from all divisions deliver FY22 uplift, de-risking and solid provisioning face into FY23.

27 Oct 2022

Elliott: Outstanding result, balanced across all divisions

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

ANZ’s four divisions contributed strong earnings and revenue while the bank remains strongly capitalised and prepared for an uncertain global economic outlook

26 Oct 2022

Budget 2022: the flow-on effects for business

Jenefer Stewart | General Manager Business Banking, ANZ

Budget 2022: the flow-on effects for businessSmall businesses can expect more consistent spending if the Budget helps curb the inflationary pressures affecting households, ANZ General Manager Business, Banking Jenefer Stewart explains.

26 Oct 2022

YETSENGA: Budget 2022, reframing the narrative

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

ANZ Chief Economist explains how the ALP government has taken advantage of its first Budget to reset the parameters, the narrative and the framework of Australia’s economic story.