Australian economy faces new pressures

With falling commodity prices, QE in Europe and low inflation figures – how is Australia placed for 2015? Warren Hogan explains.

"There is a baton change in the world economy."

Australian economy faces new pressures

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28 Jan 2015

No need for rate cuts: Mike Smith

Mike Smith | Former Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

ANZ CEO Mike Smith has urged the Reserve Bank of Australia to hold fire on interest rates and expressed confidence in the health of the Australian economy.

21 Jan 2015

Central banks are losing their power

Richard Yetsenga & Sam Tuck | Chief Economist & Former Senior FX Strategist, ANZ

The Swiss National Bank not only roiled markets last week but potentially signalled the beginning of the end for the ability for central banks to calm markets.

15 Jan 2015

ANZ cuts Australian growth, rates outlook for 2015

Warren Hogan | Former Chief Economist, ANZ

ANZ has lowered its growth forecast for the Australian economy and have now factored in two 25 basis point rate cuts over the first half of 2015.