IWD2018 PODCAST: bringing success to work

To celebrate International Women’s Day, all week bluenotes will be guest edited by respected journalist and author Catherine Fox. We’ll be publishing content on women, their experience in the workplace and the future of equality. We hope you enjoy it.

Diversity in business is an asset, according to ANZ Group Executive Technology Gerard Florian, who encourages people from diverse backgrounds to bring their “whole selves to work” so insights can be drawn from a broad range of experiences.  

Speaking on podcast with ANZ CTS Senior Manager Stephanie Stevenson ahead of International Women’s Day, Florian said cognitive diversity was vital for all successful teams.

“The richer your team can be the better the result at the end,” he said. 

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Florian and Stevenson at a VICT4W conference

"The richer your team can be the better the result at the end.” – Florian

In a wide ranging chat, Stevenson said people’s individual and diverse life experiences can be useful for any team.

“Definitely the whole is so much greater than the parts when you've got input from more people and diversity,” she said.

Role models

Stevenson said as a woman in technology, she sought out role models early in her career.

“I specifically went out and thought of the women I know who show up in a way I want to show up,” she said.

”Not just women, I mean I've worked with absolutely brilliant male leaders as well. I absolutely sat back and thought about what it was about the person that made for such a great work environment - and what can I take with me?”

They also touched on the lost art of networking and the role of companies and individuals in ensuring equality in the workplace. Listen to the podcast above to find out more.

Shane White is bluenotes senior production editor

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