19 Jan 2018

Baby or your country?

Jemma Wight | Production Editor, bluenotes

As New Zealand’s PM announces her pregnancy, should anyone be questioning her ability to do her job?

15 Nov 2017

Paying attention to equality

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

In an ANZ staff message, Shayne Elliott says the result celebrates Australian democracy and allows society to move forward together.

10 Nov 2017

Community & CX in Chinatown, one floor at a time

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

ANZ’s Peter Cai takes us on a tour of the bank's Chinatown branch, a cultural centre completely designed around customers and the community.

01 Nov 2017

Diversity makes money

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Big investors back diversity and sustainability – and they’re right to, results suggest.

05 Oct 2017

Women in sport – it’s getting better

Sue McGregor | Head of Sponsorship at ANZ

The challenges of being elite sportswomen are tricky issues to discuss – but the tide is beginning to turn.

08 Sep 2017

Australia, can we call you fair on equality?

Harsh Vardhan | Manager, Strategic Risk & Enablement, ANZ

As we stand at an important juncture in Australian history advice can be found in the national song.

25 Aug 2017

IN PICS: a carnival of costumes & equality

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

In part two of our history series we showcase vibrant costumes ANZ staff have worn at Sydney’s Mardi Gras (with bonus flash mob).

01 Aug 2017

Women > men (when it comes to investing)

Jennifer Farmer | bluenotes production editor

A growing body of data suggest the stereotype around women and investment is out of date.

28 Jul 2017

Catherine Fox recognised with Walkley

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

bluenotes contributor, guest editor recognised for work on gender equality.

07 Jul 2017

The pregnant pause: are attitudes changing at work?

Sarah Parker | Associate Director, Global Product Management, ANZ

One in two mothers still report discrimination at some point during pregnancy.

16 May 2017

VIDEO: women don’t need fixing

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Launching her new book with bluenotes, Catherine Fox explains why women don’t need to be fixed – but the system does.

12 May 2017

Gay leaders and the power of role models

Fiona Smith | Leadership journalist

In business the penalties for being different have been all-too obvious. That’s slowly starting to change.