2024: Pride

June represents Pride Month internationally, a vibrant celebration of resilience, identity and love.

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It symbolises historic struggles and ongoing fights for equality across the LGBTQI+ community, highlighting the courage of those who have stood against adversity.

While Pride should be celebrated year-round, this dedicated month serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of acceptance and inclusion. And the need for further education and unity across communities.

In this retrospective we revisit some of our most impactful pieces, exploring themes of love, self and justice, encapsulating the essence of Pride.

25 Jun 2024

Heart and hustle

Alexandra Galea | Editorial Producer, ANZ

Leading with pride and officiating love: meet Darren

17 Apr 2024

Waxing lyrical

Jeff Whalley | Senior Journalist, ANZ

Why is the humble vinyl record experiencing a billion-dollar global resurgence? It’s about music lovers building likeminded communities, including at ANZ.

29 Jun 2023

Pride: A retrospective

Alexandra Galea | Editorial Producer, ANZ

Pride month wasn’t always glitter and Drag Queens. Step back in time with this snapshot retrospective of Pride and learn how the LGBTIQ+ community of Australia fought successfully for equality.

27 Jun 2023

Pride in the limelight

Paul O'Sullivan | Chairman, ANZ

Never seek the limelight. Never be overt. That was what a 21-year-old Paul O’Sullivan understood about identifying as LGBTIQ+ when he joined the workforce in the early 1980s. How does he reflect upon the progress made?

07 Jul 2022

Inclusive banking services is a basic human right

Darren Baird, Caitlin Monnery-Korving & Dave Beks | Mx & Non-Binary Customer Initiative Sponsor, Pride Co-lead & Pride Senior Leader

Eight years ago, a group of LGBTIQ+ ANZ employees set out to change the status quo. They did. ANZ is one of the first banks globally to offer customers the option of non-binary gender and Mx titles.

05 Jul 2022

IN CHARTS: taking pride in participation

Adelaide Timbrell, Bansi Madhavani & Siddhant Kalra | Senior Economists & Senior Research Analyst, ANZ

The growing availability of data sharing insights into diverse communities can help paint a picture of economic contribution.

08 Jun 2022

Advancing economic inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community

Fiona MacDonald | Diversity & Inclusion Lead at ANZ

Investing in a more progressive, inclusive environment for employees, customers and stakeholders is the right thing to do. And will create economic opportunity.

12 Jul 2022

Banking beyond the binary

Darren Sibson | Global co-lead of ANZ Pride and works in banker engagement at ANZ

What does it mean to identify beyond the binary? Learning from the lived experiences of those around us

17 Nov 2022

My gender affirmation story

Alex |

Alex decided he wanted to transition to his true male gender identity - and found he had the support of his employer, ANZ.

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