10 Aug 2018

Māori business: a driving force in NZ’s economy

Siobhan Enright | bluenotes contributor

Māori businesses are booming and there’s a lot to be learnt from them.

10 Aug 2018

Pakihi Māori: he wāhanga nui i roto i te ōhanga o Aotearoa

Siobhan Enright | bluenotes contributor

Kei te puāwai ngā pakihi Māori, ā, he nui ngā akoranga ka puta i a rātau.

13 Jul 2018

Just for kicks: lessons in business tactics from the World Cup

Tomasz Ng | bluenotes contributor

In football, the teams which think it through are the ones which prosper. It’s the same in business, these five tips show.

25 Jun 2018

In Japan, politeness always pays

Elizabeth Masamune | Managing Director of @Asia Associates Japan

Good manners make a lasting impression in Japan, where locals try to ensure every moment of a guest’s experience is special.

19 Jun 2018

Three big answers to ‘why agile?’

Kath Bray | Customer Engagement Lead, ANZ

Look beyond the buzzwords on agile and you’ll see ways it can change a business for the better.

19 Jun 2018

Q&A: Elliott on the healthy chaos of agile

Sally Warhaft | Broadcaster, anthropologist and writer

ANZ CEO explains why agile – and the impact it has had on the bank.

18 Jun 2018

Seeking the chaplains of agile

Penelope Barr | Lead, New Ways of Delivering, ANZ

Demand for agile coaches is outstripping supply. So who are they, what do they do – and why are they so valuable?

08 Jun 2018

The power of a little extra care

Shane White | Senior production editor, bluenotes

It’s an adviser’s job to know their clients as well as their money – but should they be asking ‘are you ok?’

04 Jun 2018

The hardest part of going agile

Alicia Aitken & Greg Szopa | bluenotes contributors

Agile ways of working is a hot topic at the moment but organisations must be wary of the hurdles.

29 May 2018

Elliott & Borghetti: the right way to plan your career

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

The key to success in the workplace is just being the best at what you do now, Virgin CEO John Borghetti says.

28 May 2018

The river to reconciliation

Anthony Cavanagh | CEO, Ganbina

This National Reconciliation Week, it’s important for all Australians to reflect on our culture and history, Ganbina CEO says.

17 May 2018

What’s left to do now?

Darren Sibson | bluenotes contributor

Marriage equality is now a reality in Australia but there’s still work to do for equality and inclusion.