24 Apr 2018

Q&A: Elliott on the choice to shape the future

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

ANZ CEO chats to bluenotes about the origin of ANZ’s purpose and the leadership role of business in the community.

19 Apr 2018

Financial wellbeing means rethinking lending: Kempson

Janak Rogers | Host, The ANZ Way podcast

Financial wellbeing expert encourages financial services providers to identify people with an overreliance on debt.

16 Apr 2018

Pursuing change, one step at a time

Melinda Renowden | Leadership and Executive Coaching Manager, ANZ

Changing mindsets can be difficult but a clear purpose and routine can help.

12 Apr 2018

We can’t afford to be complacent about bullying

Lesley Podesta | CEO, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

Beyond the cost of human life, bullying costs the Australian taxpayer $525 million every school year.

04 Apr 2018

Is it time to delete CVs and personality tests?

Carina Parisella | Innovation editor

In order to win in the digital future do big businesses need to morph into software companies?

04 Apr 2018

Aus leads Asia on CSR: Blackrock

Shayne Elliott & Pru Bennett | CEO, ANZ & Head of Investment Stewardships, Blackrock

ANZ CEO and Blackrock’s head of investment stewardships chat about returns and social issues.

27 Mar 2018

Dweck: you’re not a growth mindset person (and here’s why)

Shayne Elliott & Carol Dweck | CEO, ANZ & Psychologist and Best-Selling Author

Author Carol Dweck tells ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott there’s a lot of shades of grey when it comes to mindset.

09 Mar 2018

Superchickens, trust & the new way to lead

Farhan Faruqui | Group Executive International, ANZ

Leadership is evolving across all industries as corporations change what it means to be a leader.

08 Mar 2018

IWD2018: Pressing on – bluenotes full coverage

Catherine Fox | Journalist and author

Don't miss a thing this IWD - here's everything you should be reading, watching and listening to.

08 Mar 2018

Why women are pressing for progress

Catherine Fox | Journalist and author

Guest editor Catherine Fox discusses the surge of international activism lead by women since IWD last year

07 Mar 2018

IWD2018 reading list: Jablko, Connick, Dwyer and more

Michelle Jablko, Lynwen Connick, Paula Dwyer & more | Senior executives, ANZ

We can learn so much from each other, so we asked some of our senior women to share what they’re watching, reading and listening to this IWD.

05 Mar 2018

IWD2018: how job sharing creates better leaders

Jemma Wight | Production Editor, bluenotes

Flexible working allows women - and men - to create a better work-life balance and ultimately be better workplace leaders.