20 Sep 2023

Model for change

Dylan Alcott | Athlete, Paralympian, Philanthropist & 2022 Australian Of The Year

Role models can change lives. A ground-breaking campaign by the Dylan Alcott Foundation aims to revolutionise disability representation in Australian advertising.

28 Aug 2023

How to spot the signs of financial and mental stress

Irene Verins & Luke Martin | Wellness & Prevention Programs Lead and Wellness & Prevention Engagement Manager, Beyond Blue

Frontline bank staff often witness the first signs of customers experiencing financial or mental health problems. A new guide empowers those workers to engage compassionately.

12 Jul 2023

An inspiring journey back to the workplace

Chandna Bhatnagar | Journey Expert Chapter Lead, ANZ Bengaluru

With a wealth of skills and experience, Bangalore-based Chandna Bhatnagar was shocked at the struggle to find a job after a career break. This is what she did.

06 Jul 2023

Elevating the employee experience

Vinit Jha | Domain Lead, Employee Experience, ANZ

The rise of hybrid working and artificial intelligence has forever changed how we work. In this new era, how can companies adopt new ways to measure, improve and innovate for their employees.

20 Jun 2023

Giving talent a chance

Richard Yetsenga | Chief Economist, ANZ

We are a nation of migrants but we still struggle to recognise the benefits newcomers bring. One program is helping make things easier while enriching workplaces.

02 Mar 2023

IWD 2023: A retrospective list

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

Closing the gender gaps is more than an annual commitment. This selection of stories celebrates the efforts for and by women from all walks of life from all through the year.

19 Jan 2023

2022: The Year in Highlights

Andrew Cornell | Past Managing Editor, bluenotes

These are the articles that most engaged you in 2022 on bluenotes and ANZ News.

14 Sep 2022

Helping conservation with collaboration, not competition

Elaine Bensted | CEO, Zoos South Australia

Collaboration is the key ingredient in many settings, but most of all when the survival of a species is at stake.

03 Aug 2022

Succeeding together across geographies

Kathryn van der Merwe | Group Executive – Talent & Culture, ANZ

ANZ’s Head of Service Centres says companies must focus on flexibility, meaningful and interesting work and career progression to win the war for talent.

16 Mar 2022

Elliott: remaining optimistic through challenges

Durreen Shahnaz | Founder and CEO of IIX

ANZ CEO reflects on the lessons he has learned through the pandemic and how he remained defiantly optimistic.

15 Mar 2022

The future of leadership is kindness

Carina Parisella | Innovation & Diversity Editor, bluenotes

Command and control-style leadership will not help organisations attract and retain talent anymore. Now, the focus must be on empathetic leadership.

08 Mar 2022

IWD 2022: time to break the bias

Jemma Wight | Production Editor, bluenotes

Today may be International Women’s Day but women make contributions to their home, work, industry and community year-round.